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  1. imma start the labs later today if that's cool, I can do them over the next 2 weeks cause i have break, so anyone who wants to do them add me ill make a list of names, and how many you want :P
  2. haha wow ok im willing for 600-800 runs, but wed have to do it in multiple periods of time xD
  3. maybe 30-40 runs per cube, 10-20 per coal, Would anyone actually even buy these or no?
  4. :demon:I need someone to host a tavern defense, Please? Thanks, mini
  5. I wanted to do some lab runs, so i want to buy a BF Drill to make it quick, look i need it cheap at upfront 5 mill currently then when i do runs ill msg you and invite you, then pay off the rest, sound good? If you are willing to do the deal, please post your steam in the comments Thanks, Mini
  6. If there is anyway to get unbanned on this account please let me know!
  7. I ended up getting banned from the steam version a while back, its when i had just about beaten the game that i lost interest, so I decided I wanted to use cheat engine to make it seem enjoyable. Which i did, then after a few months i really wanted to play again, but i forgot that i was banned from the online version. -I realized that I cheated -I used CE to modify stats of weapons/pets But now, I regret it. I realize that I'm in the wrong, but I'm asking for a second chance. So I am sorry and i wish to be unbanned and it might seem like a lot to ask for, since i cheated. I'm per
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