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  1. It was a really useful feature. Had win 3 Forest Maps? Fire up a Forest Map, beat it, Replay Map three times. Now? Its do the map, return to Town or Tavern (nice to see those work, now, btw), create the same map... all sprinkled with loading screens throughout. Just seems like a really backwards choice. Like the alternate gloves not working for the Initiate. Solution? Get rid of her arms... type of backwards. XD
  2. Yeah, you'd think Trendy would seek to fix this... but nope. =/ Leechers gonna leech. I had one guy join my C6, in C1 gear, stating he was there because the XP was better... when we lost because he couldn't hold a lane, let alone defeat an enemy, he told me "Thanks for nothing." Which is my sentiments to Trendy, on this situation... lol. On that note, I really wish Trendy would learn how to double gold, at some point.
  3. I agree. Its definitely nice to see less laziness, on Trendy's part. When they don't reuse assets, time and again, cool new things can happen... like RotY.
  4. Another 10 gigs... I'm really scared to see a content update with new maps, gear, or Chaos Tiers. I'm going to have my HDD run out of space solely due to a game that has no content, lol. Marvel Heroes Omega recently got a hefty update, but has tons to do. Fortnite gets frequent updates of ~200MB, but again, has a ton to do. DD2 gets a 10GB update that has one character swap and one incursion...
  5. When I get this error, and it goes on to say, "Please check your internet or Playstation Network connections." and my net never drops, when this happens, my PSN never signs out, and my Fortnite update is still downloading, in the background, uninterrupted... is Dungeon Defenders II just actually telling me "We derp'd. Our bad." or something? Because, I feel like with those two services - my ISP and PSN - not signing out, that the error message should be reworded, just a teensy bit, to reflect more on the fact that DD2 is a very unstable game. Then again, maybe this has turned into a suggesti
  6. Thanks. Just wanted confirmation of my abysmal luck.
  7. As others have said, there kinda IS no end game. Where other games have you build up your character through a series of trials, then challenge you with end game content to further get powerful, the name of Trendy's game is same maps, same enemies, more HP, stronger loot. There's no variety except with Incursions, which they could've done differently and more of. Or possibly make another campaign that's Chaos tier, and picks up with the cliffhanger ending of the first campaign. Trendy really has a great game, here. And nails it in the gameplay and graphic departments. But quality of life and lo
  8. Just wondering if anyone can confirm. I looked it up, multiple times, on DD2 Tools and it does, indeed, say C5. But I've ran enough C5 to get somewhere around 80-90 Shards, and haven't seen it drop. And, as anybody, who has played Mystic for more than a minute, knows its pretty key to any build, so its that much more painful not getting it. I'm honestly starting to think Trendy temporarily took it out of the loot pool... in my game only. XD Thanks in advance.
  9. That's about how much you're supposed to get.
  10. Couldn't agree more about the Win Streak problem. There's too much that piles up against you. Disconnecting, lowbies joining endgame content and not leaving, loading into a failing game, parties getting sent to different instances despite being in a, well y'know, party... and DD2 just failing to keep it up/blaming PSN. There really should be some sort of thing that your win streak only ends when you lose 5 consecutive waves/get a loss. That way, if you join a failing instance, get disconnected, or just want to go back to town, you can hold onto that win bonus and not feel obligated to do ONLY
  11. Having played Destiny for the expanse of its lifetime, I really like this idea. The biggest problems with the inventory stem from a lot of the gear slot icons, in the hero manager window, being unaligned with one another, and sorting issues.
  12. Changing heroes still causes heroes to sometime appear to die Changing heroes can still cause the game to be confused and show previous hero and unable to use abilities (this is fixed if you change to another hero and back) Rubberbanding is still too prevelant even when servers are not busy - like 4am. Random core explosions seem to of returned had it happen just twice so far - no warning something is attacking just destroyed. I can confirm all of these still being present. As well as random Crystal Cores dying. I've had it happen a lot in Bastille Master where it'll get hit down to ~30k HP, t
  13. Sadly, there just seems to be some things Trendy will never figure out... In-game friend lists, inviting friends, allowing hosts to kick... just some of the things.
  14. Probably because end-game content would be more enjoyable when everything is balanced? And some people actually more interested in more ways to play, rather than a reason to play. Maybe, but using different vehicles to arrive at the same destination doesn't change the view. You comparing uncomparable things. I want end-game content as much as the next guy, but balanced and diverse gameplay is much more important (and fun). New maps and enemies that change how you play current classes, or force you to develop new strategies is far more interesting and exciting than 10 gigs worth of balanci
  15. I'll tell you why you should go to C1-3, when you have the gear for it. Because if you come into a C5-7, when I'm there, you make the game a chore for me, rather than a fun distraction. I'm not here to babysit, because you feel entitled to be in a higher difficulty. I kick based on gear. I inform based on ignorance. And, I don't carry based on laziness or entitlement. If a C1-3 is in my C5-7 because they "want more experience/gold", they need to get out of my game.
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