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  1. What do you mean "wipes"? So....do you mean that's how you lost your saves?
  2. If you think that that was funny, you will laugh when he said that "Awesome! We are at Wave 10 and doing good! Cmon guys, only two more waves to go! The reward will be pleasing in the end. Yeah...a ten upgrade Xilent (think that's what it's called) with only one projectile.... Srsly, I could do that map on insane with my 74 towers and my 78 trap huntress
  3. XD I played with a guy who had mods, 500 on every stat. He was struggling with Aquanos on Easy.
  4. I remember when I was low leveled when DD online was still up. I would beg and beg for the 25 upgrade Undying Rod that was in another player's tavern XD
  5. As far as your query for good upgrade level 83 armor.....it's all random, but some people have all the luck on certain maps. I've gotten the best armor for level 74, 78, 83, and 90 on Ramparts, Mistymire, and Endless Spires (believe it or not). I have never pulled anything decent on Glitterhelm. I have gotten lucky after a Soul Focuser run in the tavern.....a 129 upgrade Pristine helmet. I've also got a 124 upgrade Pristine helmet as boss drop after Throne Room when I was playing with my Huntress. I got a crappy M-32 but that armor piece was a shocker. The best peice of armor I got from ps3
  6. Cool! :) I'm going to assume you are a really advanced player because you have almost 3000 points and your join date was 2 and a half years ago, so....do you know the greatest place to get 83 armor? I can do glitterhelm on insane+ but it takes a lot of attempts to get 1 peice. The only peice I did get from there with 100+ upgrades was worth 113 mana, so many horrible negative stats with 3 resistances XD
  7. Totally random, but, does anyone besides me still play PS3 even though it is offline? Am I the only one that clings on to the game even though I can't play with my other friends?
  8. I would switch to PC in a second if I could but the computer I have at the moment is pretty bad and it doesn't support it. If I get a better pc I will start playing on that as soon as I can but until then ps3 is all I have so I can only hope that they do something. You're not the only one in this situation. XD
  9. Crystalline Dimension? Before I reset, I got rekt because of the Ogre Glitch - when an ogre is stuck outside of the map and you can't kill it. Wait, so you're saying there is a glitch where you can hit the Goblin Coptor, the ogre can fall, and the ogre would stay alive? And I thought the Depth Charge glitch was bad on monster fest - some of the mobs would apparently stay inside their doors when I had the depth charge, and I would run out of time.
  10. You're right XD I wish they had loot! By the way, can you do sky city on insane? I need some advice for sky city. Do you need all of your SEVEN tower characters to do sky city insane? EDIT: Didn't see you just started again on XBL. lol
  11. @reyrey - I know that AFreakinCabbag3 hasn't beaten it on insane+, but he has made it to the squire map/boss guantlet, which is crazy! He beat 3 maps before that with 3 other people. Also, I was able to do sky city on hard. All you have to do is set up electric and ensnare auras at two of three crystals (I prefer the northern crystal and eastern crystal) with inferno traps in front of and partially inside the auras. Be sure to angle the auras to where it can catch any stray wyverns. If you don't trust those enough, put a proxy behind it. At the last crystal (I prefer south), you should put
  12. Thx :) I'm gonna try to do hard once I get my 83 trap huntress. My huntress is 82. I'm also gonna get my wall apprentice to 78, who's currently at 76. I don't know if you read it, because if you're like me, you kind of don't read all of the comments. :) Did you see AFreakinCabbag3?!?! Insane+!!!!
  13. @oliwaltony - yeah, I would be more interested if there were prizes for sky city. I struggle on insane because of the boss fight, so I just left it. If there was a good prize, I would do whatever I could to get it. Also, there are prizes for crystalline dimension :P However, they totally suck. @AFreakinCabbag3 - From what I've heard and experienced, the crystalline dimension is interesting. It's the only case I could think of at the top of my head where you want 4 players, one at a crystal or whatever. With four players, you could do what you did (I'm assuming you put traps and auras everywh
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