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  1. if they are in a private match you can't join them after wave 3
  2. Tristaris - I fee like we know one another... either from DD1, DDE, DD2 or just from these forums over the many years I've been around.


    At any rate - I"m on steam as JD.GT - add me and maybe we can play some. Evertime I see you post I stop and read it because i feel like we're old friends and we agree on alot of stuff.


    JD aka BlixGT

    1. Tristaris


      I'll shoot you an invite. I did play DD1 back years ago, so there's likely a chance! Haha

  3. confirmed still happening 100% of time on onslaught 59 Drakenfrost Keep second retry attempt.
  4. happening to me as well, US East. Can we get someone acknowledge that the last patch has introduced this bug?
  5. remember in wow, you kill a raid boss you get a token. take the token to the vendor and trade in for set gear... we need this. (Credit to Exglint, i Just agree wholeheartedly).
  6. got it tonight... i'm blaming the forums ;) ( couldn't have been my count)
  7. Is there any way to tell how many rerolls you have attempted on a relic? I'm fairly confident in my counting - I'm at 312 so far and still 9/10 on my tenacity servo. Seen nothing higher than a 3 since i hit 9/10 at about 100 rolls.
  8. if you're on steam, I was getting same thing... on any rotting ravine map. I verified my files it updated 2 of them and its' been working since.
  9. you're not listening to me... this link was DEAD this morning. It's working now... so dead post.
  10. 2 hours ago the link was dead... they fixed it. thanks..
  11. reading your mini recap post now...the link on the title screen they added is no good.
  12. Ok thanks. yes all shards leveled and looks like atk Power goes from 2.31 to 2.36 ATK DMG. I may just keep the D strikes in there for more slow area for that little of a damage boost. thanks for the response!
  13. so - looking at replacing deadly strikes with boosted power shard Boost aura - Dest, boosted grasp, Deadly strikes = DP bonus 6442 , ATK DMG 62.3k Boost aura - Dest, boosted grasp, Boosted Power = DP bonus 7731, ATK DMG 74.8k However - it doesn't change DPS on my reflect beams at all either way. So for now I just threw DStrikes back on the boost to make the area of slow larger.
  14. Patch pushed to my steam client today when I kicked off dd2. There is a link on the login screen to click here for patch notes, but the URL is dead. Any idea if we got a patch today and if so what it included?
  15. Add me to the change it or get rid of it queue. Especially solo play, it should be eliminated.
  16. Hrmm u right... the "green" splash screen when it hatched threw me off. empowerment stats still suck, like all others ;)
  17. not sure why you compare it to "any other legendary pet" mine rolled green.
  18. as a pet, it's not worth it... its no diff from any other hatched pet. It does however have a skin that no other pet has (to this point).... so the only reason to effort for it is if you want the sword skinned pet... the stats it rolls are as horrible as most other pets.
  19. 16 waves of NM3 end game onslaught completed, when I'm on the "money round" when 2 ogres and I think Tusker all come middle lane on liferoot when right in front of my eyes i watch the first ogre literally step up and over my 2 barricades, being pushed from behind... several hours down the drain for something silly that I have no real control over. Frustrating ;(
  20. i just got more USABLE Loot in one map than I've gotten in the last 60 hours of squire gear grinding.
  21. maybe the weeklong "loot cave" event has been enabled?
  22. "I say sarcastic comments and end my sentences with sarcastic smiley faces which makes it all ok."
  23. Your Momma! (see how grown up that sounds?)
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