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  1. if there are mods on gear you need to be able to sort/filter on mods. (ie show me all gloves with defense rate on them)
  2. I 100% agree. In that reddit post Lawlta mentioned "MY developmen tasks are 100% ahead of schedule" ... but I feel like keeping the community abreast of progress is as important as reaching development goals. Why develop a game to be released to half the playerbase it could have... or to an already pissed off and negative leaning group... I WANT CG to do well, i WANT to love them, but....
  3. Well, IMHO , this is a chicken or the egg thing... the forums are dead because... well, they are dead. Thriving communities are full of life. I said on another post... when Josh Isom, @IamIsom was on board as a DD Community Manager I really felt like he understood what the job was about. Riot gets it right, heck even Fortnite (and I hate the game) but they get it right. Trendy is worse than even the Korean led PUBG/BlueHole and that game is a model example of a great game (best gunplay in the FPS business hands down) but lack of community interaction, agility/ability to react quick to change etc) has doomed that game in a genre in NA that is wide open to be exploited (instead fortnite reaps ALL of the benefit).
  4. Basically read the post on Reddit - Lawlta says they know they are failing at communicating but they have no community manager... I'm hoping they don't lose the trust the community over things as simple as opening up the lines of communication.
  5. That version does not state access to the beta however. If that is confirmed I will forward it to a few more of my friends that might be more willing to drop 25$ than 40$ to try it also.
  6. confirmed still happening 100% of time on onslaught 59 Drakenfrost Keep second retry attempt.
  7. happening to me as well, US East. Can we get someone acknowledge that the last patch has introduced this bug?
  8. remember in wow, you kill a raid boss you get a token. take the token to the vendor and trade in for set gear... we need this. (Credit to Exglint, i Just agree wholeheartedly).
  9. got it tonight... i'm blaming the forums ;) ( couldn't have been my count)
  10. Is there any way to tell how many rerolls you have attempted on a relic? I'm fairly confident in my counting - I'm at 312 so far and still 9/10 on my tenacity servo. Seen nothing higher than a 3 since i hit 9/10 at about 100 rolls.
  11. if you're on steam, I was getting same thing... on any rotting ravine map. I verified my files it updated 2 of them and its' been working since.
  12. you're not listening to me... this link was DEAD this morning. It's working now... so dead post.
  13. 2 hours ago the link was dead... they fixed it. thanks..
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