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  1. Mary said in discord today 3/3 - "Not next week.. or the next." I expect the last Friday in March if they follow previously milestones.
  2. so much good stuff here, some of it I had on a personal list... but I'm just going to jump here and say ^^ what he said instead of posting my own.
  3. after my first crash tonight - reduced max frames to 60 and enabled vertical sync (first game in past 15 years I've done this) ... but no crashes since. It dropped my CPU utilization to 65-75% ... it spikes to 80 during wave enemy release but stays around 65-75 most other times. NO crashes tonight after these changes.
  4. Every solo survival i host crashes to desktop, 100% of the time. I join others and can go 25 waves 4 times in a row no issues (unless my buddy who's hosting crashes... which he did last night). I see the profile not saving issue in the list of current known issues.. but no mention of the frequent Unreal Engine crashes. I was comparing my CPU/Memory with my buddy lat night who never has an issue with crashes... he was hosting survival runs for us at 35% CPU util and 2.5GB RAM. I on the other hand am always capped at 90% hosting or joining a session, with the same or less RAM in use (i usually see about 2GB in use for DDA). He has a Ryzon CPU, i run an intel. I'm wondering about optimization issues maybe? Are others experiencing this?
  5. first game after today's patch ... solo survival wave 5 crash to desktop / Unreal engine crash. Last night I tried turning my graphics down to the lowest possible. I was able to join my friend and we ran 4 promenade 25 round runs last night / no issues / no crashes at all. I did notice that my CPU runs at 90% while in a multiplayer game.. he said his ran at 25%. We had about the same amount of RAM in use 2-2.5GB to the game. He uses a Ryzon CPU, I use an Intel ... optimization issues I'm guessing?
  6. more info - these UE crashes are usually when I am hosting solo games with trap heavy builds. I joined a friend last night in his summit 25 survival run... no crashes. we made it all 25. First time in a week I've been able to get past wave 21 without a crash. The build was trap heavy.. but it wasn't my traps. I was seeing his trap damage numbers though.
  7. since the last patch i cannot finish a single survival run. I was running 15 and 25 runs without issue at all until then. Yes, I have started to use the huntress and tons of traps as a builder since then also. anywhere from wave 10 to 22 I have had just random Unreal Engine crashes. I send in the reports each time... but it's so frustrating to not have any communication on this from the devs yet. Yes, I've completely reinstalled. I'm running the shipping.exe in admin mode as well as my steam client in admin mode. I keep my task manager up to watch for CPU and Memory usage... it spikes at time but never pegs out. Hours and hours of gaming lost since last week. Hoping they get a focus on this eventually... nothing to do but play other games until then.
  8. you can no longer block an entry with a single barricade... if there is even a small slot on either side, those 2 mobs will slide sideways and bypass your barricade. The most recent AI update has screwed this up, i can't believe it's purposeful. For the time being, just double wall everywhere.
  9. or faster waves = increased difficulty = better lewts even. Love to see a constant flow of enemies. I agree... the wait is maddening.
  10. how do you know from joining a session that people are hex editing? Honestly, some guys were lvl 90+ on day 2 and had rediculous towers, but I didn't immediately think "cheat engine"...
  11. always that one guy ready to thow EA in your face. The OP is just reporting an issue / asking if others are experiencing it. How about you just respond and say yes i've seen this also or no your haven't?
  12. Tristaris - I fee like we know one another... either from DD1, DDE, DD2 or just from these forums over the many years I've been around.


    At any rate - I"m on steam as JD.GT - add me and maybe we can play some. Evertime I see you post I stop and read it because i feel like we're old friends and we agree on alot of stuff.


    JD aka BlixGT

    1. Tristaris


      I'll shoot you an invite. I did play DD1 back years ago, so there's likely a chance! Haha

  13. because it's happened to me... the dark healer's little skeleton spawns are raised behind your walls and target your crystal and you really can't even see them. Most likely anyway.
  14. those round achievements are also showing their coded names, not their "user-friendly" names ... ie. I'm sure this is something they will update when they have some cycles that aren't focusing on game breaking stuff like profile saves.
  15. Happened again to me tonight. Yes, I reported it. I read in one of your forum threads you were still investigating occurrences of the no progression save bug. I've lost pets and xp all week so today all day I ran solo and hosted only. I got bored and wanted some interaction so I joined some multiplayer sessions in the browser this evening after playing all day.. first couple runs went fine. I got a great rock pet and the host reset and I couldn't find the pet anywhere. I tabbed over and noticed my save file had not written/saved for the past 35 minutes or so ... so none of the waves were saved. Happened last time I got a rock with 100+ stats on it also. I shut the game down, had them re-invite me and watched my save fine save between every wave after that. I am on the current patch, last night verified all files and today at noon uninstalled and reinstalled, so I'm definitely on the correct patch. Don't need any white knights telling me how I'm an idiot for reporting this because it's early access - I'm not whining or calling the dev's lazy - just reporting it because they mentioned yestereday with their patch they were still looking at occurrences of this happening. I can share logs if needed. Blix
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