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  1. i joined that group you said i should but noone wants to play with me on dungeon defenders i posted twice noone even said no i just got ignored
  2. When i host i am fair at least.
  3. I dont get this every host is greedy i mean they want every loot on ground or u get kicked want to place their own towers its like just go play by yourself
  4. Their is a loot maximum though like if certain amount drop no more will so rather grab everything so everything can spawn rather then get like 50 i rather get 150
  5. Ok i dont do that anymore just found something else annoying am i not allowed to join other peoples games and take loot on ground?? literally i was playing the bonus glitter map im level 36 now i just got done placing like 50 minion archers to help cause i had no more minion space i started taking loot you know to sell this guy kicked me cause i took loot when he was near and i guess he wanted it he couldve just asked nicely if i cant take loot without making my own game im just going to play on private and never play online again apparently only thing i can do in others games is to attack.
  6. Also im joining guys my level its not like im going into level 10s games and messing with them
  7. People get so mad at me when i go into their game see all their defences suck so i try helping by selling and putting my better defences then i get kicked for helping them win without me they wouldve lost btw im level 28 summoner i just get so annoyed at people im sorry for trying to get control like i joined game it was this map on hard guy had defences with like 300 attack and 1500 health mine do like 1500 with 4500 health and this guy kicked me for selling his stuff he just placed to put better ones..... i cant play online anymore with all these idiots
  8. I think i did good today i got summoner level 18 working on getting him to 25 to use 2 of my pets got barbarian 17 and my series ev up to 15 while my last dlc character jester still sitting at 0 haha.
  9. Ok i tried that will see if it works
  10. I think its a glitch with my tavern because i can join games just fine when their in a match but if their waiting at their tavern it wont let me and i didnt see launch option button.
  11. Also cant manually select a match either only thing that works is quick match.
  12. But it wont let me play the open server either and i can play quick game just fine but when i try hosting a game because i want to play by my self for now it wont let me.
  13. For some reason every time i try to join a trendy online game says fail to connect and when i try hosting it says fail to connect and when i host it it says fail to connect anyone know how to fix this i dont want to play local by my self.
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