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  1. Does it work now? Thank you for your kind words, everyone. I appreciate it deeply. Like I said I will be keeping some items, and I will be playing every now and then. It is not like I'm about to throw my computer out of the window. All I am saying is I have probably had my glory days in this game. And I want to thank you guys for that. I'm actually working on something for you guys to try out. Let's see what happens, shall we? :)
  2. Well everyone, I think it's about time... To you guys who don't know me, my nickname is M3rc. I have been playing Dungeon Defenders for 4 years now and I have almost 2700 hours on Steam. I'm a mod in the group DDRnG and an event host. I am an item checker and I'm on the CDT-team as a tester. I was in the beginning helped and taught how to play. Afterwards I have helped more people than I can count into the game and into the community. Long story short I have invested very much time in this game. And in return I have had some amazing experiences and stories to tell. It has actually made up such a big portion of the last few years that my family has asked me to stop talking about the game every time we ate dinner. Now it's time to move on for me at least. Back when I started playing the game and saw people leave I thought to myself that it made no sense to keep their items as they would have no use of them. So I have decided to give some of the items I have gathered over the years of playing this game. I will keep some of the stuff for the occasional playing in a weekend. All you have to do to enter this psuedo-giveaway is post one of your good stories from your time in DD. If you have any memories with me in them feel free to post them as well. There are some decent sets and items but as this is mostly about the stories and memories in the game, there should not be anyone annoyed that they didn't get what they wanted. Be kind to me on my old days. I hope to leave as a liked member of this community. I wish you all the best in the future and hope this game keeps its great community for years to come. M3rc!_33# signing off *insert crying Toby Maguire here*
  3. Okay here we go. I thought the idea was fun so I made a public game on Moonbase campaign using Party Poppers to see how low I could get my own fps. Got it down to 12 with monk boost. I think the guys who joined enjoyed it, even if they were quite underpowered. In the same run I met a guy who started DD yesterday and had like 12 hours in-game. I added him and started teaching him about the basics of the game. It is always nice when someone wants to learn something you have knowledge about. Here is the screenshot of the run: (5) 2nd story is a long time ago. Joined a random Glitterhelm run and built it up. The funny thing was I got the biggest monk weapon from there that I've ever seen legitimately. Check it out:  (5) Thanks for doing the giveaway. I like it when it's not about the fastest or highest something. Makes you think about what you are coming back for in games like DD. For me it's not getting super good drops. While that is entertaining, it's the people you play with that make a game like this come to life.
  4. Not sure I follow you. Care to explain? It is just not the first time event items have been given away only to be auctioned shortly after. It can make the giver feel a bit stupid, as if the receiver only participated in the contest to become wealthier. Reading your response to Kirby it makes a bit more sense. It is your item and you are free to do with it as you wish. I will stop posting now. Good luck with the auction.
  5. Okay. Was that through pm... or? And also: What does the offer consist of if I may ask?
  6. I take it you still haven't found anything? If you want to add me we could probably sort something out. Steam is linked with my forum profile.
  7. I'd like to bid 3 cubes on the 390^ gloves but you might have sold them to the person above me. Also a cube on 396 pristine boots.
  8. 4 cubes. This is a cool piece, man!
  9. Hey everyone. Here's an idea I had from another forum. Simply post the small, funny anecdotes from your lates session in DD. I'll start with my small story here: I played around in the new event map with Atlas and Acen. Unfortuneatly I cannot spoil anything other than we had a blast with the map. Things are going to be fun this upcoming weekend! What did you guys do in your last DD session?
  10. Okay here we go. In it to win it! Boom! (and his brother Bewm). Anyway for a memory in DD: I was playing with Slappy back in the day. I had probably 2 - 3k stats with still lacking knowledge of most of the game. He had been hosting an AFK shop the last couple of days and had therefore loot all over his tavern. Loot that to me was way higher than anything I had owned. I asked him what he wanted for one of them in the hopes that he would require less than my pity savings. He answered: "You're in the group, right? [DDFRBR] Well you see we have a group discount. Show me what you'd like to purchase". My heart rate was raising as I realised I might actually get this item that I only dreamt of moments ago. I pointed at 2 60k glads with okay sides. He grabbed them and put them in the trade. I thought he was just teasing me. Then he confirmed the trade. "Group Discount" was all he wrote. I was completely stoked! My barb was now my new best character thanks to this guy. It was an amazing feeling. Later when I had learned more about the game mechanics Slappy and I played DD again. In the group chat a guy stated that he only just started playing DD, joined the group, and asking if there was anyone who'd like to play with him. We sent him an invitation to Akatiti nmhc. We won and already then he was thrilled. Akatiti was a hard map for him to beat. I got a decent obsidian reward from there and I put it on to show him. He quickly begun admiring the weapon. Since I found him to be a nice guy I offered him the chance to buy it. Slappy hadn't said anything all this time. At this moment, however, he just wrote one sentence and left the game. I would remember that sentence forever. He said: "Tell him about the group discount".
  11. Hey, sounds fun. Why don't you guys add me on Steam or something. I could tag along for a CD run. Don't worry... I carry my own weight. Link to steam is on the profile. Good luck with the stream and congratulations on the milestone of 50 followers.
  12. This is going to be a blast. Will be hosting this time around. Let's hope I can get a group of two through :)
  13. Uhm... I don't see any reason why you block out the stats but nice fairy nonetheless. Neg hp, dmg, and no ab2 kinda scared me away. gl.
  14. Ik that :P Then how about you change the title of the auction?? Oh and
  15. inb4 some link to a guide on how to insert pictures
  16. Lol no extra projectiles... pfff useless 25cv
  17. Go ahead and add me on Steam and we can discuss a price. That is of course if you have not traded it with Chocolate City already ;)
  18. ^ this. Since I started from scratch I have had my frustrations over golden enemies, both orcs, archers, and wyvern. 2 maxed archers (summoner: 2.8k tower damage, 1.5k rate) on a maxed buff beam could not kill a single wyvern wave 18-19 on Aquanos when I tried to farm seahorses. This was a combination of awful targeting and the high amount of HP... I'm all in for a revert at this point, then argueably smaller values in a future patch.
  19. heh... Must say it was quite entertaining to write. I'll do another, even if it's just the two of you guys who read it :) The idea is to write as the apprentice would have before he moved to Etheria and had his son... The apprentice the player can chose to level up and go on adventure with. So if everything goes to plan the 4 heroes will grow up and throughout their journey some of the mysteries of the characters will be explained (I tried with monk's pet scaling, did you notice?).
  20. Hey guys. Selling a triple cap ToT for mana only. Ends in 48 hours. Happy defending!
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