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    Winterfest Update 2021

    Chaos 8 - 6 Pristine Motes (down from 9) and 3 C8 Amps This is a NERF making an incredibly grindy game even worse. Why in the world did you make this change? You are just smearing mud in the remaining couple of hundred players still enjoying your game. Shards are a mess, Wildest West maps still have bugged enemies in both ground and air lanes, you waste ~every third ascension point and more... And yet this is the change you decide to implement. I am astounded. Please hotfix this, Trendy Chromatic. Don't give the remaining hardcore playerbase the middle finger.
  2. Hello. Maybe this is well know but I could not find anithing though a quick search. Very simple albeit quite critical bug: Spiders completely ignore crowd control; be it slow or stun. You have an enemy that drops a web for roughly twenty years on the ground crippling defenses with more health than berserkers. You'll want to keep those away from your defenses. Right now the only solution is power. If that is intended I cannot find it worded anywhere in-game. Hope to see this fixed soon.
  3. Does it work now? Thank you for your kind words, everyone. I appreciate it deeply. Like I said I will be keeping some items, and I will be playing every now and then. It is not like I'm about to throw my computer out of the window. All I am saying is I have probably had my glory days in this game. And I want to thank you guys for that. I'm actually working on something for you guys to try out. Let's see what happens, shall we? :)
  4. Well everyone, I think it's about time... To you guys who don't know me, my nickname is M3rc. I have been playing Dungeon Defenders for 4 years now and I have almost 2700 hours on Steam. I'm a mod in the group DDRnG and an event host. I am an item checker and I'm on the CDT-team as a tester. I was in the beginning helped and taught how to play. Afterwards I have helped more people than I can count into the game and into the community. Long story short I have invested very much time in this game. And in return I have had some amazing experiences and stories to tell. It has actually made up suc
  5. Okay here we go. I thought the idea was fun so I made a public game on Moonbase campaign using Party Poppers to see how low I could get my own fps. Got it down to 12 with monk boost. I think the guys who joined enjoyed it, even if they were quite underpowered. In the same run I met a guy who started DD yesterday and had like 12 hours in-game. I added him and started teaching him about the basics of the game. It is always nice when someone wants to learn something you have knowledge about. Here is the screenshot of the run: (5) 2nd story is a long time ago. Joined a random Glitterhelm run and
  6. Not sure I follow you. Care to explain? It is just not the first time event items have been given away only to be auctioned shortly after. It can make the giver feel a bit stupid, as if the receiver only participated in the contest to become wealthier. Reading your response to Kirby it makes a bit more sense. It is your item and you are free to do with it as you wish. I will stop posting now. Good luck with the auction.
  7. Okay. Was that through pm... or? And also: What does the offer consist of if I may ask?
  8. I take it you still haven't found anything? If you want to add me we could probably sort something out. Steam is linked with my forum profile.
  9. I'd like to bid 3 cubes on the 390^ gloves but you might have sold them to the person above me. Also a cube on 396 pristine boots.
  10. 4 cubes. This is a cool piece, man!
  11. Hey everyone. Here's an idea I had from another forum. Simply post the small, funny anecdotes from your lates session in DD. I'll start with my small story here: I played around in the new event map with Atlas and Acen. Unfortuneatly I cannot spoil anything other than we had a blast with the map. Things are going to be fun this upcoming weekend! What did you guys do in your last DD session?
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