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  1. You can count me in too, good luck everyone :)
  2. It's always sad to see people quitting, especially the ones who helped to keep this game alive. I remember when I first started off, it was a very unique feeling, something I hadn't experienced at that time yet. As I was couple hours into it, I couldn't stop playing for the next couple months. Met many great people, who helped me out with gear and anything I needed to know about this game. Many many great memories running any map, even the pvp ones and having just fun. However, it happened to me too, I stopped playing for over 3 years, but returned and been back for about a month now. New
  3. Nice, this time I won't miss it :)
  4. If someone didn't realise that yet, it has still some ups left 379/433 and can be upped like this for example. Owner tested this on Open
  5. Ty, and yea rip projectile speed :/
  6. Hey guys, I'm auctioning this good piece for a friend http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198071063948. He farmed it himself, so you can get it IC'd if you want. He's accepting all currencies: cubes, coal 6:1, dias 5/10/15, events etc. End date depending on bids. Reserve the right not to sell. C/O: Happy bidding :)
  7. Hello my fellow defenders, as in the title mentioned, I'm looking for capping ult pieces/sets for my characters. Preferably for DPS I'm looking for atleast 200+ hp and ab2, for Tower atleast 200+ sidestats, since I want to upgrade nonetheless. I'm using these armor types: For DPS --> mail, chain, leather, plate For Tower --> mail, chain, leather, pristine Sobasically any type will do, if anyone is selling a full set. For pieces those types mentioned above will most likely do for now. I can pay in cubes. You can either msg me here or add/contact me via steam. Ty for
  8. Ty for the giveaway, good luck everyone :)
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