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  1. I am waiting for the next patch to start playing again. I hop in and out of this game from time to time to see how the game is developing and I personally love the amount of feedback that the community gets from the developers, seems they are not afraid to try new things and if they don't work they try to change it instead of scrapping it all together, sure they wait for the next patch instead of hot-fixing the problem but it makes players try new strategies to beat the broken thing. I think there is a lot of players like me who don't play for a while until they see a change that they want to check out. there will be a time that this game pulls me in and I cant stop playing it, just waiting for that time.
  2. Towering Poison and Speedy Darts have been removed. i use a wall huntress with monk towers, the great thing was ranged would walk pretty much all the way up to the towers before attacking making full use of my lightning aura's, looks like im going to have to level up a real walling hero in order to play. goodbye huntress
  3. Any way to quickly swap heroes on ps4 now? I swear I've tried everything and I hate having to go back to the forge every time I need to switch.
  4. idk i feel his towers are way OP, i got my AL to level 50 today and i got a full set of NM1 gear, instantly was able to easily clear maps on NM3, gunna try NM4 tomorrow after work to see if i can just go strait to that, it warns me that i dont have the minimum ILVL for the map but i clear it easily while only using my towers. Maybe its because im playing solo atm.
  5. i feel this is the perfect time to get back into this game, upgraded my computer so i can play and now the COOLEST hero ive ever seen comes out, gunna fill my hero deck with abbys lords and start the grind!!!!
  6. If I keep the skin on will I stay invisible, because I would love that, if not can you make a invisible skin plz
  7. +1, it would be nice to here a eta or at least a (we are still working) every hour or so.
  8. nevermind herd it in the Devstream, wont be there till the next content update, lets hope its sometime this month!
  9. update? I guess Tomorrow is always a day away in ps4 land.
  10. so when you hold L1, the abilities [square] [triangle] etc.. change to look like the towers, but then when you hit the buttons (while still holding L1) they don't use the towers but instead use our abilities as if we were not holding down L1. From what i can tell [circle] works as intended but [square] and [triangle] do not (have not tried [X] as im not high enough level),
  11. anyone know how to do the split screen on the ps4, i'm probably just missing it but i can't see a way to.
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