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  1. Maybe huntress is the worst in hero damage and needs separate scaling. Range is a definite benefit, but aoe probably counts for even more.
  2. Towers seem to carry 100% of the load during a wave. My hero and pet damage feel like they have almost no impact on successfully clearing a wave. Ability power seems relatively okay, I am talking about left /right click attacks. Towers are getting all the attention, while the most glaring imbalance in the game in my opinion is the scaling of pet damage and hero damage. To my knowledge, pet damage doesn't scale at all besides a small bump for evolving. Can we take a serious look at hero damage and pet damage?
  3. This, I agree so much. This game will live or die based on how important tower placement is. The game feels like a grind now.
  4. Maps are too simplistic Only a handful of towers/abilities are fun Gear progression is too smooth, you never get excited by any drops, you always know the range of what you can expect A lot of other elements I see improvement on, but these areas worry me.
  5. I bought the Huntress sticky nade uber and got a message that I purchased it, but it wasn't in my skill sphere selection for ubers and my 60 tokens are gone. Edit:: WoW! Thanks for the advice, it was in my inventory. I never expected that since every other skill spheres just go directly into my list. I imagine that is going to confuse others and could be improved.
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