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  1. Ill see if i can find someone that can run misty on insane or something, the best weapon ive found so far(That i can equip at 74) was a wand with 37 level, I feel as though i need to be doing 3 times the dps then i do with a 74 apprentice Also what are these "events"?
  2. What difficulties though? I can barely do mistymire on easy with my characters :/
  3. Hmm alrighty, I was just wondering, even though i know I wont be able to get a weapon like that till im level 80+ or 90, at least I know weapons and armor like that are out there
  4. I believe so, i dont know what it looks like but i have seen people with crystals that can only be unlocked by completing all the achieves
  5. Wait is this shutdown only applying to PS3 users? or will xbox servers be shut down soon as well?
  6. Your gonna need 4 controllers, i really dont see a way to be able to have 4 players logged on with only 2 controllers, so your gonna need to play online with friends or buy 2 more controllers :/ sorry
  7. Ok, First question 1. Are you able to get super epic mythic gear, like the really really good stuff with 300 levels or base stats at like 50 or something on the XBOX 360 version of DD? I know you can get some really awesome weapons, but nothing near, or at least from what ive seen, to things on PC Now the second question 2. Is there any like, really really horrifying glitches that can happen while playing DD? like model distortion etc? ive always wondered this and kinda want to find a way to trigger something like this
  8. I don't even know why i'm about to post this but I might as well anyways, the XBox version of Shards IV(Sky City) has a bug when more then 1 person is playing on that map it will freeze at one point due to the amount of enemies on screen, i have only seen this on the difficulty easy, but i dont think the difficulty attributes to the amount of enemies on screen anyways
  9. I try to play legit most of the time, but i dont have any Xbox gold atm or i would offer to do some runs with you
  10. You know, im kinda wondering how the hell people are getting millions of score, i can barely hit over 1mil on glitterhelm on insane, and see all of the "#1 hero" stuff and they have hundreds to millions of score but i cant get anywhere near that lol
  11. Wow i didnt know that the score was the amount of EXP you get by defeating a wave
  12. Last I checked Glitter had 10 waves and the starting wave gave the least xp but you clearly know best. I suggest you spend a little more time reviewing the scoring system. I don't see how this is such an issue seeing as you're a glowie anyway making any leveling irrelevant. Just wondering, whats a "glowie"? also, does the score you get attribute to the amount of experience you get from defeating a wave?
  13. I think people wouldnt consider it so OP if people would just stop using mods, they ruin the fun of the game and allow for this easy leveling, since you could have a level 20 maxed out with full modded gear running Aquanos on Insane+ :/ if you actually play legit its much harder to level then it is with modded gear
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