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  1. Awesome suggestion! It would be awesome if they implemented this
  2. I'll take 22 nmhc runs. I'll be on later to add you.
  3. Ellelujah

    Item Check Thread

    Wanted to buy this from a shop, but looked too good for an Ult. Can I get an IC please?
  4. Closed. A kind soul gave me 2 :) tyvm.
  5. Did not know that. Thanks. Lol
  6. Ellelujah

    Item Check Thread

    Just wanted this IC'd for an Auction. It was self made by me. Thanks in advance!
  7. Auction is Closed. If everyone who has their name on the c/o can contact me. I've sent requests to each one of you guys. :)
  8. Updated. Auction ends in 4 hours and 30 mins.
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