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  1. I barely get 20k on Insane with ONE GUY on that difficulty... Insane+ give's anywhere from 75,000 to about 184,000 MAX first wave.
  2. I'm only using them to help level up.
  3. Yeah not without Mod's. I can only make 10mil in less than an hour. Not 200mil... The 10mil is WITH the Modded weapons I asked friend's for. I'm modding, now, to level up and get the Mana I need. If TE REALLY wanted Modder's gone, they'd FIX the Leveling.
  4. No dude. I stayed as a Squire. And no I got the payout's... It jumped my exp of about... What was it? 8million... To about 8.7Million on Round 4 GLitterhelm Insane+. My friend mod's so he was helping out, but in the end I was getting the most score at 6mil+.
  5. I don't use the Scoring. It doesn't give the exp it says it does. If it did I'd be level 75+ right now.
  6. True with the upgrading. And people would Mod MUCH LESS if the Leveling were fixed along with the Mana Problem. I found out that's the 2 MAIN problems on there. And by the way... The Modder's would move straight to DD2 and mess with it too thinking it's the near same as DD1. So yeah... It's not gonna be a problem fix... If TE wanted to TOTALLY get rid of Modder's... Then why don't they just make it so if it read's the Damage registering in the Billion's to automatically remove the weapon and make it unusable?(I can Code... It's a simple command Script to use and it'll work).
  7. I did Glitterhelm with Mod's with my Mage on Insane+... I had MILLION'S of score... I only brought up barely 550,000 in the 5th wave. So no one give me the bulls*** that I'd get about 5Mil from that instead.
  8. I play on DLC's... Problem is I suck at it cause of those freakin' Spider's destroying all my defenses.
  9. I've gotten that boost already. It's an 'Award' not an actual boost. It give's anywhere from 1,000 to 12,000 dependant upon level and difficulty. And I play at the higher levels like The Summit, Endless Spiral's and the last level.
  10. No it doesn't. I did the match, I beat the match. I barely got 105,000. Not even remotely near a Million.
  11. Thank you. That would help a bit. Sorry I just got on the Forums yesterday.
  12. Actually the Modders I see do incredibly well without the Mod's. Some of them are my friend's. Saw them do it without mods at all.
  13. Actually. Modding is defined as "Enhancing the ability of a gear or weapon to an insane amount not allowed within the game and/or console." It's Modding. Look up the definition pleas.
  14. I never joined late. I play the WHOLE MATCHES and start them myself. Like I said... I average about 28,000 total exp per round on Insane.
  15. Wrong. I do the matches ALONE on Insae and INSANE... I barely make 75,000 tops in 3 round's. And yes, I get the bonuses. They don't work as a X1.2 modifier anymore. They give it as "Award's".
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