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  1. Right now the hero selection screen is a nightmare for people who have a lot of heroes with different builds on each of them. I kind of feel like there should be a grid view or something that shows all the cards, instead of having to scroll through all of them on a single line.
  2. I'm about ready to quit the game. I have over 600 hours into the game, C7 and grinding. I'm so sick and tired of joining games and leaving them trying to get the map that i feel like playing. I waste more of my life doing it then actually playing the game. I'm sure you've lost a ton of players from this. I know that i will be one of them if it doesn't change soon.
  3. What happen to the console? ` isn't bringing it up anymore? I used that to get out of the stuck loading screens that i get 40 times a day... Bring it back please.
  4. My game is stuck in full screen now since the update.
  5. They said on Twitter yesterday by the end of the week.
  6. Will this rate buff make sky guard more useful? Cost isn't why I don't use obelisk, I just don't know what it does. I've seen the fire snake and the bubble on the character but other than these seemingly weak actions, what does it do? The PDT is getting nerfed, so the SGT is going to be more useful most likely no matter what happens. PDT and WM getting nerfed. Flame Aura and Proton Beams stepping up to take over the top cheese spot. lol
  7. What are you suppose to be focusing on with monk? Ability power, Hero damage, crit damage? What is the main focus that the gear should have? Also, is there some hidden weapon some where for him? I've been using the price calculator to get better loot and all the weapons that i have found for him suck. I'm barely pushing 100k dps with right click and 500k with left.
  8. The main problem is that i don't have enough ascension to build DPS and Tower on the same hero. I kind of preferred the game before the whole ascension. You can't max out a hero until you have like 2k hours into this game. They just made it a lot harder for no reason at all. The jump from C4 to C5 is also just stupid. You go from 4 tiers that you pretty much can't build normal towers to a tier that 100% needs them. Forcing you to pretty much start over again and stay spend like 200 hours in C4. I don't have a clue who thought this was a good idea. I guess that i'll delete my Monk and create
  9. I just started playing this game again and having trouble getting into C5 from C4. I've been using a monk as DPS, but have been having a lot of issues dealing damage. Should i just delete his monk and build a DPS EV? What is considered the best DPS in end game? I would rather start on it now instead of messing around and dying with out dealing a lot of damage.
  10. Pretty much the whole game. I'm sure that i am in the minority, but miss the long survival missions (and actually having a reason to play them). I miss having to actually think of builds or look up other peoples builds on sites like ddplanner. I miss the builds having more complexity to them. Also, trading.
  11. Nerf serenity auras plz. OP. They can kill things at spawn. People are saying PDT are OP. You can place a Serenity Aura at the very edge of the PDT max range and it will chain kill Mobs all the way back into their spawn even around corners and even if the PDT doesn't have eyes on the spawn. OP. Plz Nerf.
  12. Some kind of tower that one shots enemies at the spawn locations. Ideally so quickly that on maps like Dark Alter, the books the special monsters drop spawn inside the portal zone preventing me from picking them up. I think that would be enjoyable, balanced and fun. DD1 was like that as well though with the machine gun harpoons and the machine gun summoner archers getting buffed from buff beams. It sounds a lot like the users on this forum want Trendy to make a completely different game, then what made DD1 so famous. I think the original game was more about the farming to sell the items in sh
  13. I know you. You joined one of my games the other day and rage quit, because i was using PDT. lol Yea I do that when someone puts test build in title then pdt is about the only thing thats relevant in it. Its less rage and more like not the christmas present I wanted aka disapointment that should have been expected I put "Test Build" in the title, because i just started playing the game again and haven't built on that map yet. I'm sure you're the type of person who complained when they added Summoner to DD1 and complained when everyone was using elemental traps around the time when DD2 firs
  14. I know you. You joined one of my games the other day and rage quit, because i was using PDT. lol
  15. i agree with you that basically any strategy works, but in my opinion lane resistance didn't add strategy it just added bulk at worst, and at best complexity. And didnt people just negate it anyway with chaos traps or something? Yeah. It was easy back then as well with elemental traps + Frost towers.
  16. How much survivability does the monk have in real game play? I know you said he isn't the best against the new Eye boss, has that changed at all after using the monk a bit more?
  17. What about the Dryad? I saw someone post a gif or video on the forums a few days ago of him dealing 9million burst DPS with her. Edit: Never mind, it was only 7million Burst DPS. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/141609/almost-7-million-burst-dryad I'm also trying to figure out what DPS hero to pick as my main. I loved a DPS monk in the original game, but also liked jester.
  18. I'm sure this has been mentioned on here quite a few times, but coming from someone who has 1.4k hours into DD1. I would say that not being able to trade and sell items like in DD1 is making your player base fall off fast. I'm currently able to beat all the maps on NM4 and not being able to grind for gear to sell like in the original is making me not want to play anymore after just 200hours into the game and that 200 hours is with a year break from the game. If you want to be able to keep the more hardcore DD1 players happy. You'll have to add some kind of trading to the game, so that we c
  19. Like the titles says. I'm looking to buy a traced Howling Werewolf even though i most likely won't find one. I'm not really sure how much these are worth, but if you are looking to get rid of one let me know are we can talk price. Has to be traced with proof
  20. mrwald0

    Item Check Thread

    What quality is this? ult++
  21. since espear can spawn with several 1000 higher basedamage then wrench im almost sure it would be better. I dont think comparing weapons with the same basedamage gives a real picture of their potential when they have spawncaps so far from eachother. I'm guessing it's like the Steam Saw and Gladius. Steam Saws have higher numbers, but the Gladius scales better. I'm no expect, but that is just what is seems like to me. The Wrench does swing A LOT faster.
  22. I can easily do this map by myself with one afk, just never farmed it because the weapons stat wise aren't worth it according to http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/487828791785225544/B0B1DE3371897E2804CBBF3A5B512BA7C153C1F1/ The Monk Wrench is better Melee wise and the Sparus is better long range wise. If i knew they were worth this much. I would have worked on a build to farm these. I think you only get one item per run though even with afks, unless the afks have to live. I ran this a few time with one afk using an xbox emu to unlock the outfits and only unlocked one outfit and only got
  23. Why is it going for so much haha I thought Sparus and Monk Wrench are better? I think ddace is correct. It's time to start farming these.
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