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  1. You're the one calling people entitled for being upset that they just loss 200 hours of their fucking life and you tell me to resort to less name calling? That's like the pot calling the kettle black. I am allowed to be upset and mad and don't need to be called entitled for expecting a game that cost $40 to not delete 200 hours of game progress.
  2. Entitled? lol It also wasn't just me who lost their saves with this patch. Going by discord and reddi, tons of people lost their saves, meaning this latest patch caused it.
  3. First of all. I did read the patch notes. It seems they messed up the patch and caused a bunch of people to lose their saves, because tons of people lost their game saves according to people on Reddit and discord. It wasn't just me.
  4. I loss about 8 hours worth of gear on my first day playing. I haven't had it happen in a while so thought it was finally fixed. I joined a random game just now after downloading the latest patch and bang. 200 hours worth of fucking Promenade, Summit and Ancient Mine runs down the drain. I'm done with this game and won't be coming back. I'm also going to see if steam will refund me my money even though i've played 200 hours.
  5. I have a similar issue. I'm not sure if it's lag causing it or what, but sometimes the UI doesn't update when things are repaired or upgraded right away and it's really annoying. Though this has been going on since i bought the game so it isn't new with the latest patch.
  6. Because it's fun to interact with people, it's not fun to interact with them when something that takes an hour+ of you life is also relying on them. The way it is currently is the best way. Nothing is stopping you from hosting your own game and letting other people build. The thing is that most people won't built, because most people who join other games don't want to build and that is why they join other games. If they wanted to build they would just host. I'm sure they could put in a different mode with the method you are suggesting, but they should leave the current system the default.
  7. I don't understand how forcing other people to build is more compelling though? It just sounds really annoying to have to deal with other people every single time. It's like Overwatch. The game sounds good in theory, but it never actually happens how you are describing it. It's just going to be a bunch of trash people or trolls throwing every single game. If something like you are suggesting is ever put into the game tons of people will quit the game including myself.
  8. It makes the game harder and puts your builds and gear to the test. I honestly like carrying low level players as long as they upgrade things. It's kind of fun and makes things harder. It's what i loved about DD1 as well. Being able to carry low geared players and help them get loot. If a person wants to build, why don't they just host their own lobby?
  9. If a person wants to build though, they just start the their own lobby? Why try and force people to build, considering that 90% of people who join games aren't properly geared to build the difficulty that they join? I carried some guy doing 100 damage to wave 25 of Promenade insane. It wouldn't make sense to assign him a lane and let him build. I honestly think the way it is now is best. I've seen people in the game allow other people who have better gear to build with the current method and allow other people to build if they don't want to built. If the game forced me to allow other players to build. I would 100% quit the game.
  10. I've done that already. I think it has to do with loot and mana as when it sells the items it goes back to normal for a moment, until more loot/mana drops and then it goes back down. They need to look into the loot and mana as something is using more resources than it should. I did notice in one run that some mana was stuck behind mobs spawn locations, so maybe more is getting stuck in other places and this is causing it to build up and when new loot drops mixed with the bugged out mana it causes the games frame rates to crash. The drop off in frame rate is pretty fast though after it sells stuff. I don't think it's a mob count issue either, because i get the same issues at the end of the wave in the build part, before you G up, until the game sells all the items and then the FPS go back up for a bit and goes right back down to a stutter after more loot and mana starts dropping. A loot filter might help, so that it filters out trash item drops from showing up in game, but i still think there is a bug or something in there somewhere causing this. I didn't get THIS bad of frame drops in DD1 to the point that it looks like a slide show.
  11. I have no problem playing a map by myself, but if host and build for other people on the larger maps. My game's frame rate crashes to like 10fps at times and shoots back up to my normal frame rate when all the loot is sold and slowly crashes back down to almost making me sick frame rates. I also get insane lag when joining most people people's survival games, but that is a different issue. My PC isn't terrible, but the GPU is a bit outdated. I've been waiting for Nvidia's 3000 series to upgrade. My current build is 3700x, 16gb of ram @ 3733mhz CL14 and a RX 480 8gb. I turned everything down to the lowest settings and this still happens. Anyone know of anything that might make the game playable for me with out making me sick or giving me a headache. I didn't have these issues with DD1 only a 2500k and GTX 570 lol I really hope a lot more optimization is done as it needs it.
  12. Didn't the devs say that all saves are going server side at release? Tthis would combat cheat engine...
  13. Right now the hero selection screen is a nightmare for people who have a lot of heroes with different builds on each of them. I kind of feel like there should be a grid view or something that shows all the cards, instead of having to scroll through all of them on a single line.
  14. I'm about ready to quit the game. I have over 600 hours into the game, C7 and grinding. I'm so sick and tired of joining games and leaving them trying to get the map that i feel like playing. I waste more of my life doing it then actually playing the game. I'm sure you've lost a ton of players from this. I know that i will be one of them if it doesn't change soon.
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