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  1. Hey all, I'm looking to Auction this Gladius i just looted from atakiki. It has been upgraded on open, but you will get it clean on ranked. Offer in coals/cubes please. If i feel the bid is too low, i reserve the right to refuse. Auction ends on the 17th July 11pm GMT. Current Highest bidder: Thanks!
  2. I highly doubt you'd ever get a tracable Mana Master for 12 cubes. Good luck to you though.
  3. Hey guys, Krayz here. Just wondering if anyone would like to join me as i finish off my ultimate defender. All i have left is the NM survival wins on each map. Problem is, i find basic survival missions boring as hell, so if anyone wants to join me feel free to add me on steam! I don't really want AFK people with me, as that'll just make the waves longer but just as boring ^.^ ~Krayz.
  4. Abosolutely mullered that map, spent a bit of time practising grabbing all the chests quickly on lower difficulties to give me as much time as possible on NM to get a build up and running. I used an aura stack on each crystal, making sure the ensnare and electric auras were further forwards than the strength drain, this is so they don't overlap onto the bridge above and ruin the matching. Place a healing aura on the bridge between the crystals. The way i then went was to box in each crystal with reflect beams, and add buffed phys walls to the front to keep everything at bay. I placed 2 archers on each crystal, on a seperate buff beam, to deal with wyverns and ogres. All i did then was camp on the bridge above, and upgrade the auras/buff beams a little way. Maxing them out causes size issues, as they became too big. *my aura range stat is 2.1k*. Boss came, beat him down with whatever you chose. A well placed hawk-stance or 2 makes short work of it. Hope this is mildly helpful to those that also need SoL. And to my friend Mkjo, sorry mate, beat you to it ;) ~Krayz.
  5. Ace! I'll add you both on steam (wasn't home at all yesterday) and hopefully we can run it sometime!
  6. Title says it all. I'm after some people who can join me on Sky O Love on NM so i can get the trophies for it. I'm pretty poor at matching and i don't know the build, so help would be greatly appreciated! Message on here or add me on steam if you can help. Thanks, ~Krayz. SID: [V] KrayzFatman
  7. KrayzFatman

    Item Check Thread

    Apologies for the repost, first image wasn't blacked out. http://imgur.com/u3wiqbC,9ZVV4GI IC please! thank you.
  8. KrayzFatman

    Item Check Thread

    Edit: Forgot to blackout.
  9. Awesome! i'm still waiting so yeah, really appreciate it :) add me on steam when you're on :)
  10. Hey guys, first off if this could be moved to the appropriate place then that'd be sweet. Basically i need help with CD on NM. I dont require it on hardcore but if you guys want hardcore then fine with me. All i'm after is the achievement for ultimate defender. If you know the build and are able to help me out, that'd be awesome. Get back to me on here or via steam. ( [V] KrayzFatman ) Thanks. ~Krayz.
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