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    Item Check Thread

    Self farmed, but would like an IC for auction :) thanks in advance!
  2. Just looted this Pawnshot from a KG run, and was pleasantly suprised with it. IC done here: http://forums.dungeondefenders2.com/showthread.php?95359-Item-Check-Thread/page520. Looking for Cubes mainly, but feel free to post other offers. Ending the auction in 5 days (27th July 11pm GMT) Bids submitted in the final moments of the Auction to deliberately outbid someone will extend auction time by another 24 hours. I reserve the right to refuse bids if they are too much of a lowball offer. Current Offer: 2 Cubes - Samuel L Jackson b/o: TBA PLEASE NOTE: This was upgraded on open, the item on ranked is clean.
  3. Hey all, Basically I already own a pretty nice Ult ecannon. The only issue is i can;t get along with the size of it anymore. What i'm asking is just for a straight swap between my cannon and another Ult cannon of 140k dmg or higher that has spawned with a smaller size. Here is a picture of my cannon that I would like to swap: (It has passed IC in the DDIC chat by Sir Pancakez.) I dont mind if its a clean ecannon or already upped. All i ask is that if it's a clean one, post a picture of it upped in open so i can see the damage. Thanks, ~Krayz.
  4. Bump it up, 90 runs sold today! :)
  5. I'll start you off at 2 cubes or 10 Lab runs, whichever you prefer.
  6. Appreciate the comments guys! :)
  7. Will check out what it is you have Mac.
  8. Got the request, will let you know when i'm set to run :)
  9. KrayzFatman

    Item Check Thread

    Hit me up on Steam too mate, can get some stuff sent your way :)
  10. Bumped, I am to sell a fair few runs tomorrow!
  11. KrayzFatman

    Item Check Thread

    Quick IC on this diamond on behalf of a friend of mine please.
  12. I'll chuck you 3 coals for the trip cap myth helmet :D
  13. 20 more runs sold to m3n4s0s, ty again :)
  14. Bump, thanks for the custom people! :D
  15. Hey guys, I've found myself running NMHC Lab a lot recently, so i've decided to open my runs for sale. My prices are fixed regardless of the amount of AFK chars you bring (up to 4), and i won't be connecting my own AFK unless it's alright with you. I normally take a quick 5 minute break after every 20 runs. My runs cost 2 cubes for 10 runs. I'm accepting other forms of payment also: Coals: 12 for 10 runs Sup/Ult armours (tower and dps): Price varying on quality Sup/Ult tower weapons: Price varying on quality HQ Sup accs (tower and dps): Price to be agreed on at the time. 0 cap: 20 runs 1 cap: 40 runs 2 cap: 80 runs Rainmaker: Price to be agreed on at the time. Celebration: Price to be agreed on at the time. Glacier: Price to be agreed on at the time. If you're interested, please contact me via Steam, (SID: [V] KrayzFatman) or post below. I hope to get some of my customers to post on this thread for the sake of a 'vouch' of sorts, but that is entirely up to you :) Thanks, ~Krayz. <280 Runs sold and counting> Please note: Any Diamond payments i am offered are subject to IC. I will not accept Diamonds that fail IC, sorry.
  16. When asking around for prices, i've had some people say 6 cubes would be fair for the sparus, i can negotiate a bit on that though.
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