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  1. DIGy

    [WTS]Cube for 65B mana.

    Title, SID in signature.
  2. DIGy

    [WTA]Some Armor/Accs

    Hello, Please bid in coals and cubes only. Auction will last for exactly 5 days after this post: Items: Item #1 - Sold Item #2 - Sold C/O 2 Coal C/O
  3. If this is still going on, I'll throw a cube on ult plate helm.
  4. Hello, Here are the rules of the auction: It will last for 36 hours after this post. You can only bid in cubes/coals. Last minute offers won't be taken into consideration. Items of interest I'd also accept: Perfect tower kobold - valued at 2 cubes Armor 1: C/O [spoiler][/spoiler] Armor 2: C/O 3 Coal - Pensrule1 [spoiler][/spoiler] Armor 3: C/O 3 Coal - Legify [spoiler][/spoiler] Armor 4: C/O [spoiler][/spoiler] Capping Myth Armor Bundle - C/O [spoiler][/spoiler]
  5. DIGy

    [WTA] Ult armor

    Bought piece I needed in-game, I'm gonna call off my bid for Armor #4. Sorry.
  6. I will buy some. My SID is in the description.
  7. If interested, just click on 'SID' in my signature.
  8. DIGy

    [WTA] Ult armor

    2 cubes on #4
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