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  1. Thanks! Running it now. As a side note, apparently it had trouble accessing some information last time. I have no idea when that last time was? But I'm telling it not to skip that information. I considered overheating as a problem. I have had it shut down when attempting to play League of Legends in the same way, so I am absolutely open to this having nothing to do with Dungeon Defenders and just a problem with my computer. The reasons I do not believe this to be the case, though, is that it happens even if I crank the AC in the room up and point a room fan directly at my computer wi
  2. Can't even get into the game in windowed mode. No idea what's going on, could really use some help or advice...
  3. Checked the file integrity, fixed some, and got back to the "computer turns off for no reason" problem. Tried it in windowed mode with the lowest graphics setting, BAM, it worked. Tried to fullscreen it and BAM, computer turned off for no reason. Back to windowed mode, on various settings, and now, again, I get nothing but black screen with menu buttons. Srsly, anyone know what's going on?
  4. I had some trouble just getting the game to work, which I resolved by disconnecting my second monitor. It would get past the sponsor intros and then my computer would just...turn off. Not shut down, not crash. Just...off. But with my other monitor unplugged I can actually get into the game. However, I can't see much of anything. All I get is a black screen with the option buttons. Instead of seeing the hero preview in the hero selection screen, I just get random strobing colors. In game, I see black with options buttons and nothing else. Cannot see the map, cannot see my hero, can't
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