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  1. People have been saying that the game would die next week since release. More or less the same as when people say that the world is really going to end this time. That's my reason to not read anything OP said.
  2. dunno if, but probably it is also possible to hack an item and set its value, then sell it, just set the value to 2 bil (I might be giving the cheaters an idea here). If you sell an item to the tavern you don't get more mana than the bank cap. That means if an item is worth 1 b and you already have 200 m you will get nothing.
  3. It was by far the hardest Christmas achievement I've done, as a new player I was extremely overwhelmed, and honestly I only managed to do it because 2 level 70+ guys carried me. It's the most time consuming achievement by far. The hardest and most time consuming achievement you did, maybe, but trust me I have a few that I have not yet been able to get due to time and/or difficulty. Yes, it could be easier/more noob friendly, but I don't know how much does Trendy have to do with the achievement picked for the prize.
  4. If they read from several persons hat it is just way too hard for new players, then they'll not buy the game. Or they'll buy the game to play it, instead of spending 7.49$ to do one achievement that will most likely award them nothing useful. There are a lot harder and more tedious than this one.
  5. Alternatively you could check your item box before clicking sell all, and then agreeing to sell everything.
  6. They both seem legit. Guardians' boost caps at 20 if it starts under 20, but they can be generated with a lot more.
  7. Taken at face value, this looks like an incredibly elitist thing to say. This brand new mode should only be accessible to 10-15% of the player base? That sounds like both horrible balancing and a horrible strategy for creating new content. Not really. It's fine. It's supposed to be the hardest difficulty in the game. That's a horrible return on the effort expended to create and balance content. And who are you to say this? O.o
  8. i recall devs saying they wanted to please the playerbase, not a specific part of the playerbase. that includes the casual and hardcore, whether dedicated longterm or not. so why they would turn a tower defense game into a third person action game is beyond me. even when a post hits 10 pages about something, which is pretty damn huge, it can slip under the radar because things that are pointless, such as a dlc pack containing an already existing game mode and already existing maps is worked on. it's pretty apparent if you read the forums that a lot of people are unhappy. the people that are st
  9. Valve most certainly considers itself an indie developer. How is Valve not an indie developer? Gabe has historically been adamant about remaining a privately owned corporation. Do you have some insider knowledge about a possible buyout? And this isn't just semantics either, each of their titles has a relatively small development team. Go re-read my points. I never said the game was dying. I pointed out that the statistics portray where there are problems with the game in regards to casual player experience due to lack of clear gear progression path and severe gear checks. Casual players play
  10. The point is that nobody cares about the total playerbase. Of course that some of the people who stopped playing did not progress through the whole game. I've got games on my steam library that I stopped playing after 1 hour. It happens, again, this does not prove that the game is dying. And no, I do not think that the current players' achievements are accurately reflected in the global statistics. In fact I said that achievements are an inaccurate way of measuring anything. By the way, you did not mention football manager, and Valve can hardly be considered an "indie" developer. You might
  11. Nope, I've already completed everything from the release version. There would be no reason for me to keep playing if they did.
  12. When you compare to games of different player sizes, you're gonna have to use percentages, or you'll make the game with a huge player base look like it messed up hard. Do you only read what you want? The point I'm trying to make when I compare both games is that even the most successful games experience massive decrease in their playerbase shortly after the release. Yes, if you see percentages you'll see that DD lost ~70% of the original playerbase whereas Skyrim lost ~60%. But my point still stands. Big AAA titles developed by well known companies with a long history of games also lose big a
  13. Only 3 paid DLCs so far, and you only "need" the latest one.
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