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  1. Haha got question 4 right :P
  2. Winner! Q5 Congratulations! :)
  3. Haha good guesses everyone, but unfortunately no winners so far :(. So let someone give you a few hints: 1) the number is odd and under 40 2) it's a survival random map drop, not a reward. 3) I was under 15 and over 10 when I started. 4) The animal is a mammal, land based and nearly extinct :(. 5) It is an asian food. Good luck again to everyone
  4. For dps purposes, projectiles and speed are both vital to a good, consistent output of damage. When a legendary bow drops from that difficult ogre, with an ipwr improvement you jump for joy, only to realise that the bow is 1/s 3x projectiles. This "Upgrade" is then trashed as your 30 ipwr lower bow can output more dps. In DD1 weapon projectiles and rate of fire could all be upgraded, so I cannot comprehend why such an important aspect to the game was overlooked. Please allow us to upgrade our weapon speed and projectiles at the Enchanter, as this would allow more consistency from loot. Cheers
  5. SirJackal, Frank Roberto has already bid a value of 25 cubes via lab runs. Apologies even though i'm not the thread host
  6. 120 runs on the ult++ capping glad. Going on a Holiday, so have to do runs soonish or later down the road, But this'll get outbid for sure PM if there's any difficulties.
  7. I recently mistakenly bought hacked gear, and would very much like to report the player, as he has my legit items. But it seems the link isn't working. I am using the link in Ice's Item Check thread by the way. Thanks for any responses >.< -Chillitaco
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    Haha, yes I do take cubes, thanks for the bid :)
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    No Info For You!
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