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  1. The test with trying to walk through the barrier doesnt work. they glitch through even though walls are as tightly together as possible. The more the Netcode of the game gets crappy in later stages with 4 people the worse it gets with the slipping. This needs fixing.
  2. So, With this cat i had 200m dps with my legendary minigun. With the new update the stats on the cat just got rerolled to lvl 1 (1.4 power) while i cant reset points. That makes it completely useless and ive spent 9 million coins to upgrade it - all gone now :) cmon - i see its op. but please just let me reroll the fucking stats?
  3. Curious if somebody has got a better cat.
  4. After the "emu most people use" didnt work for me after reinstalling win10, i tried this one and it works great - thx
  5. I do not know why you should do that for auras. Theres no reason for it - just place auras with "-" smaller, wait for the crystals to go down and then replace them 2 times: 1. make them big so they get the buff 2. move them where you want within the buff range. For traps you need the gear because the trigger range stays the same while in minimized - thats right
  6. if you look at the droprates, its incrediby valuable. i`d say 50-80 cv maybe https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/120119/the-chance-of-getting-an-ultimate-seahorse > I imagine the DMG being insane on that thing.
  7. More pink-ish - but its mine, ugly, and i love it >:3
  8. I blame Masterplays because he always makes me look at the forum due to his trashposting - lol.
  9. > Sells Ginger for 55cv >wonders why hes somewhat disliked >lol
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