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  1. Thank you very much Kim coming by n' trying helping me out ! I really appreciate that =) I've sent a copy of this thread n' my dxdiag at "support@trendyent.com" as mentionned. Here's what was inside of my DxDiag.txt : http://www.mediafire.com/download/cm0gk1xft8bzlpv/DxDiag.txt Thank you again Kim ! Friendly, Husky[BW]
  2. [UP] Please I need help, have you any idea of what I can do ?
  3. Hello there, I've purchase this game with the whole collector pack and I love it, except since about 2 weeks my game crash after [COLOR="[[505,hashtags]]"]15-20 minutes of gameplay[/COLOR], it's REALLY annoying. I tought maybe it was a corrupted file, so I re-installed the whole game (I did it twice!) And the same problem is happening to my friend too... What can I do ? I've seen nothing around to fix that. My computer is strong enough here's my specs. : CPU : I7-4770K at 3.5GHZ RAM : 32 GB CORSAIR VENGEANCE GPU : GeForce 560 TI (Im using version 340.34 (The lastest one)) HDD : 7 TB OS : Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) - SP1 (With all updates) My game is under the lastest version which is "7.5.0" I've try hosting the game, the game still crash I've try to join a game, the game still crash I've try default settings it keep crashing... Please can you help me fixing my problem ! I really want to get online and have some funs with players around. Thank you for reading me Best regards, Husky[BW]
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