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    Hey Everyone What I'm Looking For Today I'm looking for Ultimate/+/++ pieces that are capping in Hero Casting Rate to finish my upping Jester. Feel free to offer a set but when offering pieces it would be most helpful if the pieces were leather as that is what my current set is. Payment I will most likely be using Cubes and Coal to pay for the Pieces/Set. (I know, original right?) Thanks Xarkos
  2. Oh boy, im so ready for some Tavren Defense runs. Sorry, just had to do it
  3. Hey Everyone, Today is the day i wanna become Goku and cast Kamehameha really fast.   Uhm...I mean, Today I'm looking for a Ult Hero Casting Rate Set for my new upping Jester. Im looking for a set that is capping or close to capping in cast rate, resists are correctly upgraded and has ab2 on each piece. You can contact me via: Steam: Link in my profile Forums: Just post a comment here with your Steam Profile and I'll send you a friend request. Thanks everyone
  4. Xarkos

    [WTS] Lab Runs

    Im from Australia mate :)
  5. Xarkos

    [WTS] Lab Runs

    At the moment i am currently not accepting runs, but i might be interested in the future :)
  6. Xarkos

    [WTS] Lab Runs

    Updated all runs completed :)
  7. Xarkos

    [WTS] Lab Runs

    Updated Runs and Added Viral to the High Priority List :>
  8. Xarkos

    [WTS] Lab Runs

    Hello Everyone, I am here to deeply apologize for my absence, my computer broke down and i have no been able to get on to dungeon defenders to do the runs over the holidays that i planned to do, I still have 3 weeks left and just recently got a new computer, today I will be downloading steam and dungeon defenders to hopefully complete runs for you all again. Thankyou for all of the people I am running for being patient with me. Again, Im sorry. -Xarkos
  9. Xarkos

    [WTS] Lab Runs

    Sorry flyinhawaiian57, due to my large amount of runs i am going to have to decline your offer, i am very sorry for the inconvenience i have caused for you :(
  10. Xarkos

    [WTS] Lab Runs

    Sorry all for not doing runs in a couple days or even a week now, had a lot of school work to do but starting tomorrow getting back on track, Thanks again and thanks for your patience Bump
  11. Xarkos

    [WTS] Lab Runs

    Okay sure thing, sad to see you taking back but thats that :<
  12. Xarkos

    [WTS] Lab Runs

    Yup and im looking forward to every single one of them :P
  13. Well in my opinion AMD will always be better then Intel, and MSI should always be chosen over Asus (Just my opinion). I'd suggest about a Terabyte of space and you really only need 16GB of RAM. I haven't stated any specific parts as I believe the person making the computer should be the one to choose their own parts but I just gave you the brands that I would choose over the others. Hope This Helps! Xarkos
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