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  1. If you don't like it you are not forced to use it. If you don't want to play with it then make friends with like minded people and play without switching characters. Just because you are not fond of a mechanic in a game does not make it bad. Do you think it would be a good mechanic for this game to have a button that levels you up? You could always "not use it".
  2. People like it and have fun with it. That's all that matters. I strongly disagree with that line of reasoning. And if I ever start forgetting why, I'll just turn on the tv and check what people like.
  3. You're massively ovethinking the swapping mechanic problem. It's just bad. Giving a game defining choice and then allowing to switch between those choices to avoid their consequences is just a design mistake. Most games where you build different characters (I don't dare saying "all" because I don't know so many) would be severely hust by a mechanic that allows switching between characters midgame. It destroys diversity in DD exactly as it would in any other such game. If DD is not your first game, you can think the examples yourself. The problem now is that it's a mistake that's very ha
  4. Today after joining someones game I inspected the host and this is what I found in RANKED online play. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198046058106/screenshot/650995607910850822 (Sorry I'm not good at posting pics) You will notice the 1063 phys damage and 15238 toxic damage. Upon asking where he had received the weapon he stated "from a friend of mine who works at Trendy." "Today someone told me something stupid in the internet and I believed it. Is there some cure for my degree of idiotism? Can it be dangerous?" The answers to your questions are: - No, there is no cure
  5. this game is plagued by jerky jerks who kick people that enter there game and for no reason i just wanted 2 say if they r reading this now that they are jerks and really need to stop people pay for this game and cant even play because they get kicked maby if a sequil to this game is released in future remove the kicking feature please Host your own games.
  6. Maybe only in Hard and Insane. Fire monsters should put buildings in flames. The damage could be +100% in non cumulative DoT for 3 seconds. (so, a fire monster that hits every second would do about 133% damage to buildings). Electrical monsters should stun players for a fraction of a second. The time could be in direct proportion of damage/player's total HP. Poison monsters should poison players. To follow the game's poison theme, poison should slow the player for a short time.
  7. OR: Change the loot system so that each player gets individual loot. Other player's loot is invisible and cannot be picked up. That's the fairest and most satisfying system and it is implemented in a variety of games. This. Tried and true. Don't reinvent the karma wheel. The karma wheel is a b*tch and she doesn't like to be reinvented.
  8. Seriously? You prefer to play alone just because you go faster? If I were you I'd review my priorities. Also, what does your gf think of this? :)
  9. what point should i invest in tower that withstand allot of beating?? health, or defense? in other word, i want my tower to last longer on insane :D If you're on insane, your question falls out of the scope of this thread. Having said that, you can aim at a build like: tower HP 20 tower damage 70 tower range 0 tower ROF 70 And the rest wherever you want.
  10. Thats it? im gonna need more than that to calm down I suggest Methylphenidate.
  11. Escape Click on rightmost second from the top button "Invite Friends". In the opened steam friend list window, right click on your friend. In the right click menu, click on "invite to game" or something like that. (speaking from memory, so there might be some little difference)
  12. I thought it just turned to local/open play, so not your ranked toons. Yeah, that's a given. I just wondered whether it posed some extra problem. I guell I'll discover it soon enough. :)
  13. Whereas my solution, no one can sell anyone else's towers while they are actively in the game, means that if someone starts griefing you can kick that person and sell off the towers but no one actively playing can grief by selling off any other active players' towers. Locking towers to active players also has the benefit of allowing solo hero swapping while maintaining tower control. And if you want to have a free-for all option then by all means leave that as a toggle. But the no-sell option needs to be implemented in the way I suggested for it to work the way you want it to. I agree wi
  14. Has anyone tried to play a steam DD offline? (I'm a firm defender of Steam and I'm used to play most non-online games offline when I go on holidays.)
  15. he grabs mana to set up low lvl towers when you yourself rather set better ones for the fight. Well, the obvious solution is you yourself not activating the OPTION! ffs, stop arguing the addition of options as if they were impositions.
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