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  1. in other words what he is trying to say is even though they lied to us and alienated half of their target consumers to the point where they just lost an immense amount of support they will not be making an effort to make things right, just like they did with dde.
  2. again you are lieing i am a backer and never once received an email saying anything about refunds.
  3. wait a sec funny how you say quickly offered refunds, thats just a big of a lie as them releaseing the game at the same time for everyone. i have been barking for days to get a refund and still havent even gotten a reply let alone my money back. this is the exact reason people are sick of your shit its nothing but lie after lie.
  4. typical pushed dates and false statements to get their hands on money, great start for dde............ i mean dda i want mymoney back aswell.
  5. i was wondering if there was anyone that can put me in touch with a moderator on the ddrng discord.
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198038288578/ 1. Rock Shatter 2. Gaia's Last Gift 3. Ball Blaster
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