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  1. The court needs evidence! When the heat over Series EV dies down, admins, you can just close/move this topic over to the Series EV section Oh, and I call the title "Series EV Master" Evidence given [URL="http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?52165-Series-EV-Overview-%28Click-Here-If-Your-Thinking-Of-Buying-It%29[[475,hashtags]]"] Also[/URL]
  2. Because you're not the SEV master??? But, I am, in so many ways
  3. Tsuda, why haven't I been crowned "Series EV Master" yet? I need an official ceremony
  4. My hammer overrules. Judge Judy style >=) OBJECTION!
  5. I'm still waiting my title to be set to "Series EV Master" And I called that title, no takesies
  6. And somehow, I just noticed this http://www.indieroyale.com/
  7. My objection? I own a Boba Fett one, because Jango Fett can't compare to good ol' Boba
  8. Meh, the Mega-Chicken is supposed to be a "Hacker/Proud Man"'s bragging rights, I see no need in making them easier to get
  9. Bethesda is just the publisher. The game is being made by one of their internal studios: Arkane Studios. Partly true, publishers heavily force upon the developers the looks and feel of the game
  10. just to say you spelled that wrong and the french meaning of that word is... not well seen. (or at least the way you spelled it, voila is all right, but viola not.) This was so incredibly important to my existence...
  11. btw, I was thinking of making a thread myself about this topic the other night when I logged onto DD and rage quit at the SPAM TE was throwing up. I really hope enough people make a stink about this so that something gets done. Overreact much? But, stupid comedy aside, I don't see how pressing the "close" button two times is really that bad, I think you guys are just trying to target something to hate about
  12. http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheMedicOfLegend/screenshot/542925706538406237/? Hmm...new emotes, too :kraken: :sharken: :fyvern:
  13. Join some other peoples games, although soloing is good, find a Monster Fest NMHC, those net you some decent mana
  14. I like the sharken, they make an active emergency EV waller needed
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