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  1. I'm still waiting for the Goblin Mech to return..... i wanna see a zombie Goblin mech...
  2. I personally agree but this will have to be something done later down the line, maybe even after release. I hope maybe one day this does happen, as certain DD1 weapons did look rather neat, not saying that the current DD2 weapons aren't also awesome looking, but i'm a sucker for nostalgia.
  3. When i stare at a pile of spear throwers its a shame seeing 20 clones all standing side by side, I don't know if this is already in the works or has already been suggested, there's too many to go through to check, if it has then i will ask this thread to be closed. But if it's not been suggested then how about i do it right now!, Just small changes in the models to the same Mobs that are random each time one spawns, kind of like how Valve did the zombies in Left 4 Dead, even though there are so many different skins and shapes to the same zombie, you can still tell what kind of zombie it is t
  4. I want a Companion cube ....
  5. The patch in question hasn't hit yet. When will the patch launch? When ever they release it, just wait.
  6. Now this DOES make me happy c: Damn, i love you guys, you respond so fast to serious problems, and to me this pet one is a large problem, it's cutting off a large section of the pet content! i believe once this is fixed a lot of other problems may fix them self's as well, we all get extra skills and stats as well as stronger pets! we might find harder maps just that much easier now. This makes me a very happy Mushroomancer HINT HINT HINT WINK NUDGE
  7. 1+, I can't wait for the summoner to be added again in a later update, however they do it, i will play the heck out of it.
  8. Some one has been watching a little too much Sips D&D, But i fully agree, could be awesome.
  9. Wait....describe it a little more please, i'm a tad lost.
  10. Ok now this sort of makes sense, So you want to start off the game in a private tavern like back in DD1?
  11. I....what? I'm sorry but this is really poor quality bait.
  12. I'd love to see a Uber Mana-Bomb Sphere that makes it explode for 3 times its normal size, but cost 200 mana instead. Uber Frostbite - throws snowballs instead that do larger AOE freezing with a chance to knockback/stun smaller enemies. Or something neat c:
  13. I very inappropriately love you right now. This made me giggle in all the right places.
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