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  1. When trying to set up the auto collect on my PS4 account I ran into a problem where the Apprentice was forgotten by the auto collect. I would select him but once I hit confirm it would blank him out and not collect for him. This also is happening for a friend of mine so it isn't just me. Has anyone else been seeing this issue/is this a known bug? Thanks!
  2. At full release (it'll be f2play) which they said should be around fall 2016. Was stated in the last devstream by Elliot. Thanks! I must have missed it.
  3. Was there any word given for when the PS4 version is going Free to Play? I haven't heard anything yet and it was about this update that the PC version did.
  4. Another way you could do clan/guild wars is once "survival" mode gets in you have a competition for who can last the longest. Might not be as interesting, but it might be easier to program.
  5. That would at least be kind of cool to come out of the drop boxes. That way it stays with the pay per customizable. You could also do paint for each piece separately (head, torso, gloves, legs) so it makes it ease of access to use premium currency to get all the right color.
  6. I love the customization of costumes, it was a great addition and really does help to make characters individuals. What I would like to see though is a change in character icons. So on the left side next to health and shields, and on the mini-map. It could be as simple as some of the different helmet/head items on the character. That way it is easier to find the different characters even if they have the same class.
  7. Or have them drop less often considering how difficult it is to open them without real money. Half to 3/4 of the time would still drop at least one or two a game and then it doesn't feel like you are bombarded with them.
  8. That is really interesting. Thanks for responding.
  9. I was playing through my first character the other week and my friend and I played through the game alone. We ended up guarding all the sub-objectives with our lives because it seemed like it was important. When we had finished going through the main levels by ourselves we went online and learned how other people played, mainly the fact that the sub-objectives aren't a bad thing to go down. Now maybe this isn't the case in higher difficulty games, but in what we were playing there was no point in guarding them. It hurts to see a sub-objective go down, but if there is no reason to protect it besides more enemies will come that will give more experience and drop more loot then that is a useless pain. I believe there should be some sort of bonus experience for keeping the sub-objective up that would be slightly more than what you would get from killing the monsters that would have come. Also in order to help with item farming, either a smaller chest for each sub-objective that stays up, or a better chance for good items (during the rounds or for the celebration chest) when you have protected those. This would allow players still the choice whether they wanted to protect that point or not, but also the incentive to protect it. Now the sub-objective would feel important to guard instead of something you want to go down.
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