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  1. Alright guys, the time has come to let the merciless RNGesus decide the final result. As usual in several of my previous WTG's I've let the atmospheric noice decide the final draw. Based on the order in which you've entered, everyone is represented with a number from 1 to 7 with an equal ≐14% chance of being picked. Without further ado, the winner is with the 6th entry - airohhhhh Please check your message inbox for further instructions. Thank you everyone for stopping by... please don't be sad if you haven't won, luck was just not on your side today, better luck next time!
  2. Alright guys, I'll be closing this off tomorrow around this time, so this is the last call for anyone wanting to enter! ________________________________________________ Off-topic below I'll stick around for the time being, but I don't see myself likely around for too long. Reason(s) being I've had plenty of fun for the investment that I put into this game, having done basically everything that I could do both inside and out of the game - even lately I don't even play the game properly and just derp around lobbies mostly out of map bounds and chat with friends, and also probably spending wa
  3. Heyo fellow Defenders! First of, I'm quite surprised this game is still alive as it is, even after all the years it's impressive to see that healthy faithful group of people sticking around. I've got one of my best gaming memories out of this game and still at times still look back to those (revolt for Moonbase!). Enough of that, let's get to what I'm here for: In light of the Ultimate Bloodshot Guide reaching an impressive milestone and a goal of mine set when first publishing guidances - a solid 100 of Favorites; showing me that people are still interesting in that part of the content and
  4. Unfortunately that one is already reserved, there is just one more draw before your turn. Sure, anytime I'm available, we can discuss that later. Also for anyone wondering, those I've skipped were contacted via forum PMs to give me an item they'd like, and if I didn't receive a response, that doesn't mean I completely removed them from drawing, I just moved them for remaining items after the regular sequence list in the same order, just to speed things up, so worry not.
  5. Yes that is fine by me, if you have posted an item or list of ordered items that you'd like to receive, I will later on verify and confirm depending on what's left and if the interest is still the same.
  6. Yes, I will most likely, unfortunately for some guys, skip some draws if I don't get a respond, even though I specified to get in contact with me as soon as possible, in a reasonable amount of time. That I'll most likely discuss directly with involved people and update the list eventually, so worry not, and as I mentioned in the resulting post, please be patient, I didn't forget about this.
  7. Goes as the sequence generator spat the numbers from top to bottom, so first goes to pick Brynd., then Moon and so on.
  8. Alright then, about time to close this up. Based on the order in which you've submitted your entries you've received a number, excluding any additional and 21st entries - in total 26 individual entries. To simplify for all you lazy-counting ones, here's forum user list: 1 Moonwalk 2 Dave456 3 OtterDarkness 4 Ultii - skipped 5 AbyssalSamurai 6 Arcama89 7 Johan_kid 8 Tears - skipped 9 Atherial 10 Dimdra 11 Agile Bunny 12 [Ger] Michili 13 evilsadness123 14 Bryndomonium 15 EagleOne - moved for remainings 16 nijoX 17 kg4q 18 bergzwerver 19 anotherengineer - skipped 20 ady_1 21 dusting010 22 ddace
  9. Heyo fellow ex-Defenders! ..and all the mad elitists alike In honor of the Beginner's Guide reaching a very impressive milestone of five solid thousand unique views.. ..I'd like to use this opportunity to celebrate it with a little giveaway of what little left I still possess. The guide itself is a great universal source of information, props to sir Ace for a great work, and if you've been around this game for a while, you must have at least stumbled across it. To be involved in final draw, simply post anything celebration related - fantasy has no limits. There will be several items in the p
  10. Heyo fellow Defenders! ..and mad elitists alike Last auction time! Accepting standard currencies with standard values beside lab runs; shall you post a box value number, you must specify what it stands for. Has been IC'd at least twice in the past. Hidden reserve is in place.
  11. So the merciless RNGerk has decided. Based on the order in which you've posted your entires, excluding any additional and above mentioned, you received a number. Upon running it through super complicated code, the result is following: Congratulations! Please contact me whenever ready so that we can proceed to an exchange. To bring a bit of light to this silly conspiracy - No. Having several very good friends that can vouch for me anytime and are oriented into same gender, I sincerely have no reason to behave differently or have opposite opinions towards these type of personalities by default
  12. Alright, so those who were patiently waiting for what exactly they dived into, here's the reveal: Note that the set may or may not include an ultimate accessory, 1 or 2 other pieces with + or more of them in tier name... with a total "value" coming close to 100 box value, if you disregard personal value, which I bet won't matter to anyone else, and all the overpaid trades to put this set together, it would go way over 200 box value... just a brief summary what we're dealing with. And of course, as most of my heroes, this one is no exception in being fully colormatched. Now, on the side note.
  13. Heyo fellow Defenders! ..and mad elitists alike Those who were around a year ago, almost at the exact same time, might remember what's this about. As I don't feel very creative, I won't do anything silly as last time, instead all you need to do to participate is say something, I dunno, nice, mean, rude (please no), funny,..., tell me how's your mom doing, what's new... if you don't get it by now, God help you... as I won't be around anymore, this perhaps is the last chance to leave something behind. Will post screen of the Justice set later as I can't stand launching the game anymore. But forw
  14. Perhaps it's time to spend the rest of my poop on something useful, 4 of your freedom points. Love that 2nd quote btw.
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