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  1. Completely agree, and kind of already knew this, which is why I spent 150 hours playing in so short a time I guess, but also, WoW has broken me of this forever. More or less. It still creeps up but I'm more able to stop and say, "WAIT A MINUTE!" when the Skinner Box rears it's ugly head and I'm no longer playing anymore for the sake of fun, but for loot. I suppose that's why I've forced myself to burn out (though ironically I'm still posting on the MB, ignore that!). [QUOTE]Like I said in another thread, the Quest for the Holy Grail should stop at the Grail, but people suddenly realize that
  2. Unfortunately PvP capture of flag (well the way it's set up) is very poor. For a TD to work you need to have mirrored areas to defend... not just huddles around a flag otherwise it removes to tower aspect of it. You add in the fact that many traps are auto targeting, fire and forget, and it becomes a test in frustration as you basically are forced to play Insane Assault Challenge extreme, but now with other players trying to kill you.
  3. Yeah, from the start I really didn't think this would be a good idea. Probably because I'm pretty cynical and generally don't like PvP. Also because I've seen how much of a mess PvP has been in WoW, and for a small team like this to attempt such a monumental balancing task...it's just insane. Also, people bought this game mostly for the tower defense novelty which is very much a single player versus CPU mobs massacre extravaganza. PvP is very distant tangent separated from the core appeal of the game. I simply don't think this game attracts the right demographic to make PvP successful. [QUOT
  4. <-wishes Elder Scrolls gameplay didn't suck b/c the worlds are cool. Play a sneaky archer. Only way to have fun. Melee combat is lame and boring. There's something incredibly satisfying about nailing someone in the head with an arrow from a 100 yards away. Kind of like that cliff/crossbow part in Half-Life...
  5. [QUOTE]Also almost every map on Challenge has Map Rarity Multiplier Value of 1. Which explains why items from chests and monsters on most challenges maps are horrible. Also I think they don't have Map Quality Multiplier. [/QUOTE] I don't like this. :(
  6. Threads like this just need to be closed from now on imo. I think he makes some valid points, he can just do without the sky is falling mentality. But that's the internet for you. I'm like that with shows sometimes. If I stop watching, I'll just suddenly assume they've been cancelled after a few weeks. Which is silly of course.
  7. +1 for Grand Lama This is a neat idea. Definitely something to think upon.
  8. I don't agree that the game is dead. There are a lot of outside factors that have drawn people away, sure, that's inevitable, but I believe it will retain a solid niche audience for a long time to come. It's a unique concept and people respond well to that. However, I really like part four of your short essay. Hopefully they can fix item progression in the next expansion. Not that I only play the game for loot, but the speed at which you gain loot needs to be slowed down considerably. Now playing a game for loot or making the grind longer just for loot is cheap and games are about more tha
  9. Seriously, play Skyrim/Amnesia/Street Fighter 4/Populous/Superman64/NBA 2k12/Pong/Golf/Tennis non-stop the next two weeks, come back when expansions hit for DunDef.
  10. So, hints are a bad thing? I mean, it comes out in two weeks nothing wrong with some slight reveals. Happens with every game all the time. *cough*Pandaren*cough* Or is this messing up the modding process? I mean, dependencies and all that...
  11. The whole game is generally anti huntress. She can't dps anymore, and her traps are pretty much a waste of du if you have any of the other 3 characters. Monks and apps do more dps if they want to go that way instead of auras/towers. So you're basing her entire effectiveness on one weapon? That's a bit extreme isn't it? I have nothing wrong with players criticizing Trendy, that's how games get better. But it's exhausting to read page after page of this hyperbole.
  12. it started dropping as the patches with the nerfing came out, I'm sure skyrim had some to do with it but it already began with the silly patches that changed the game into something other than what people bought.. Er, nope, sorry, still playing a tower defense action-RPG here.
  13. I'd guess they just take a level 70 character with no gear and maxed attack and see what they do to gauge overall DPS effectiveness. If they feel the damage is too high there, obviously anything above that also would be.
  14. When I was farming mine, I saw a guide for these around the net somewhere based on what you should look for in a Crystal Tracker: DMG: 110-120 25-27 Upgrades 3-7 Reload 30-40 Clip Yours is pretty nice.
  15. Dearest IgnoramiousReality, The comparative to Chess brought smiles upon my heart. Once again you strawman on a subject you know little about. Perhaps by your logic we should nerf all chess games that are won by this http://tinyurl.com/79r5lsv. (Surprise Ending) Stop the ad hominem, we're having such a nice discussion here and it doesn't reflect well upon you as an individual. The comparison I was making is based on the idea that games are designed to be played a certain way. Shooting grenades and skipping the meat of the Assault challenge is obviously not the way this level is meant to
  16. I still stand by the fact that missing the jump can kill you. Your character is at risk of death/losing. Standing there launching grenades, will not kill you, just makes you beat the level without any sort of effort on your part. I don't know who would advocate such a broken exploit.
  17. I disagree, it's cheating by means of short-cutting out a valid threat. Not cheating since you're facing and overcoming a designed obstacle with real skill. It's tough to claim skill in a game so reliant on stats, but I think we can all agree that it's there in Assault. [QUOTE]there's no skill involved in jumping [/QUOTE] Have you done the jump? I refer to the one at the end of the linked video. I don't know who could say that it was skill-less, at least not with a straight face.
  18. So what makes jumping over the defenses on the last bridge method legit then? It takes skill and there is risk involved. i.e. Dying.
  19. how do you know the so called short cut is not the normal way the devs want Because they fixed it? It being the grenade launcher cheat.
  20. [QUOTE]Maybe people should get a VAC ban if they use apprentice towers with monk auras.[/QUOTE] You're talking about the general game, all of that makes perfect sense because that's what is expected of you. Assault is a specific challenge with a clear goal in mind. When you design an entire course to run, and someone takes a huge short cut for better time, it's cheating. [QUOTE]you srsly compare this to chess...you great mighty wisdom [/QUOTE] Chess is a game, isn't it?
  21. lol play it how the dev wants then wait why play it then lol But that's game design. You create a game with a certain idea behind how people will play it. Do you change the rules of Chess every time you start a game?
  22. Using an intelligent approach to finding a weakness that the devs should have known about before the game even came out is akin to using a cheat placed in the game? We're not all supposed to think and play the game the same, no matter how hard developers like to stomp all over creative uses of game features that they didn't expect. Creative cheating? I'll give you that. Yes, it was fairly brilliant, but obviously the designers want people to actually play the challenge they designed, not skip 70% of it. I see nothing wrong with this. [QUOTE]Strawman much? The argument here is Dungeon Def
  23. I don't want easy mode, I just take exception to self-righteous idiots like you making out like only they know the one true way and it is the only way. I agree with what you said about challenges, I just don't like the way you said it. You aren't winning people over to your way of thinking by insulting their intelligence. Fair enough, I'll try not to behave like an enormous douche in the future. :) [QUOTE]inb4 the great wisdom tells you that your method is cheesy and says he knows how to play the game the right way and get a legitimate victory[/QUOTE] I was actually going to post how im
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