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  1. Kobolds rarely if ever drop gear... Ogre drops myths and legs... Ogre farming needs to go imo.
  2. I can't believe they left in the Ogre spawning on round 1 after people exploited ogre farming so much on the last patch. Oh wait... Yea, I totally can....
  3. Yea, the 1 min wait for private game replay is really annoying.
  4. Yep, same thing happened to me... Lost 800k trying to get my pixie to a decent DP/DC.
  5. 1) Boost Monk 2) Lightning Aura Monk 3) Phys Resist/Serenity Aura Monk (tank) 4) Flame tower Apprentice - also have a full AP set for him in inventory (AP apprentice is prob my fav to play atm) 5) Huntress- I have a geyser set, an explosive set, and a full DPS set 6) Squire Waller
  6. At this point I would take any change in the game that interrupts my current play style of log in, do daily, log out.
  7. Ramparts, Forgotten Ruins, Liferoot, Xroads, and Betsy (add 3 more LS under Betsy on round 4).
  8. Soooooo broken... I only need 1 LA, 1 LS, and 1 boost aura per lane, with 2 Skyguards near the eggs to deal with Wyverns. I'm looking forward to the nerf, but it prob won't happen for another couple of months.
  9. I have 2017dps on tier 1 with no boost. Full Legacy gear with DP/DS and DP/DS pet.
  10. Well... It's not that I want it per say... It's that there is nothing else to do in the game currently but hoard Wyvern tokens and buy the egg.
  11. Create Incursions for the remaining Dragonfall maps.
  12. No problem! Great playing with you the other day! Love this community.
  13. Increase turret rotation speed (a lot!), raise the dps, and have flames apply a temporary debuff (lower resistance?).
  14. Wyvern Den is the worst incursion to farm clothing exp, and its really the only incursion where the boots glitch significantly effects the timing to complete each map (and this is only because it takes 2 seconds to drop Betsy). Resetting everyone's clothing exp back to zero is a bit drastic...
  15. I just got the lightning aura stat boost on a pair of gloves last night. I freaked out and thought I hit the RNG jackpot, haha. well for now yes you have due to your auras now being insanely op still searching for my gloves of opness Ehh.. Unfortunately the gloves were AP/DH with the Lightening Aura stat.. My DS/DP gloves still gave my LA's more DPS :(
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