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  1. Ok, uhm, Diamond Collector reporting in, what can i get for 22 Cubes? :) Mostly interrested in Non or double with really shiny and bright colours.
  2. I would mostly agree, i would also say 25 - 30 cv
  3. Hello there, I just wanted to let you know that the picture is not showing. If you need help uploading that picture just ask :)
  4. Ty Michili. But i will go end the auction now, because no one are interested in any of the pieces. But i will go make a WTT thread with the mail boots :) Uhm yea, well i guess you dont want my money then xD Have a good day :)
  5. Almost missed this in vacation, darn. However NPC + 15 Cubes
  6. Hey, I am back from vacation. Please contact me on steam before you end the auction, i would like to bid here.
  7. personally i have given out half a dozen 4 stat ~320 dmg braces for free. I think they become worth a few coals if the dmg is 360+ with all sides. but that might be only my opinion :)
  8. I am not sure if I would bid on this even tho i could use it. But I would estimate it around 10 -30 cubes.
  9. Holy moly, you're back? I dont mind old people coming back, espicially so coll people, but why do they always interfere with my deals :P 35 cv Welcome back ygk :)
  10. How high does ab2 go when upgraded including resistance? :)
  11. HAHA, for a moment I thought you went into my shop and took a picture of one of my many small diamonds :P I like the one in your second picture (already upgraded) a lot, so I'll accept that. 18cv then for you :) HOLY MOLY Check this out then Haha, I see I am not alone :D I usually only keep noncaps to place them on floor and doubles for obvious reasons. Only sad thing is my tavern is full... waiting for that update fo arrive in around 2 years to put down some more. Would love to check out your tavern at some point :D
  12. Time to get my mage to 8.5k Bomb. 2 singlecaps (i assume you take them, If not let me know) and 3 Cubes
  13. Interested in either of those? https://imgur.com/a/ZZHZn If so ill bid it +3 Cubes :)
  14. Last day entry <3 Pictures https://imgur.com/a/amSwS List: 1: some sweet Lights <3 2:Rainmaker 3: A cute blue Hat http://steamcommunity.com/id/Toonyx/ Big thanks Plane. Right on time between the semsters. Great work :D
  15. Would you take a MR. Skelly Event item for the loves? if so, Ill bid it.
  16. Can you please tell me how high the dmg would go if you were to upgrade it including resistance?
  17. Finally my chance to get an actual rainmaker. I have only heared rumors that it seems really strong and would love to try it out personally. Good luck everyone :)
  18. Wow... thats like 930 radius or something... will fit your radius guy just perfect. Good luck. but if the prcie wont go up then Im gonna bid here aswell :P
  19. If I have some I maybe trade them, but I will ahve to check first :)
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