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  1. Ok, uhm, Diamond Collector reporting in, what can i get for 22 Cubes? :) Mostly interrested in Non or double with really shiny and bright colours.
  2. I would mostly agree, i would also say 25 - 30 cv
  3. Hello there, I just wanted to let you know that the picture is not showing. If you need help uploading that picture just ask :)
  4. Ty Michili. But i will go end the auction now, because no one are interested in any of the pieces. But i will go make a WTT thread with the mail boots :) Uhm yea, well i guess you dont want my money then xD Have a good day :)
  5. Almost missed this in vacation, darn. However NPC + 15 Cubes
  6. Hey, I am back from vacation. Please contact me on steam before you end the auction, i would like to bid here.
  7. personally i have given out half a dozen 4 stat ~320 dmg braces for free. I think they become worth a few coals if the dmg is 360+ with all sides. but that might be only my opinion :)
  8. I am not sure if I would bid on this even tho i could use it. But I would estimate it around 10 -30 cubes.
  9. Holy moly, you're back? I dont mind old people coming back, espicially so coll people, but why do they always interfere with my deals :P 35 cv Welcome back ygk :)
  10. How high does ab2 go when upgraded including resistance? :)
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