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  1. Mir ging es bei meiner Anmerkung zur Rechtschreibung um die Verständlichkeit des von dir verfassten Textes. Dazu sei gesagt, das ich durchaus gewillt bin dir zu helfen, sonst hätte ich erst gar nicht auf deinen Post geantwortet. Die Screenshots zeigen die Statuswerte deiner gebauten Verteidigungen, da aber der Kontext aus dem von dir verfassten Text nur schwierig herzuleiten ist, weiß zumindest ich nicht was genau dein Problem mit den Statuswerten ist. Hierbei wäre ein verständlicherer Text mit einer genauen Beschreibung deines Problems, welcher grammatikalisch richtig formuliert wurde, wesentlich hilfreicher. Die Screenshots der Abstürze solltest du am besten beim Support einreichen, dort kann dir deswegen am ehesten geholfen werden.
  2. Abgesehen davon das es teilweise sehr schwierig ist zu verstehen was genau dein Problem ist (Rechtschreibfehler, Gramatikfehler) findet man den Support hier. Alternativ findest du ihn auch oben unter "Help" neben den Social Media Symbolen. Vielleicht können dir die Leute dort helfen. Beachte dabei bitte das die verwendete Standardsprache Englisch ist. Viel Glück
  3. this + the bonus from Ancient Power
  4. Thats why it's in the Feedback for next time. Trial and Error should never be a solution to a secret. The biggest reward was the feeling when we solved the secret. I don't even want to imagine how hyped Lagmonster was when he found the sequence. The mask and the gold is just a bonus.
  5. Well tbh. we are just calling them red or black hats, but we could just call them by their shapes instead.
  6. So after the big secret has been uncovered and the big hype died down a bit, I'd like to take a moment to give some Feedback for future secrets. First off, let me start by talking about the stuff that made us stuck. While everyone basicly started at 0 a few things were quickly discovered, that helped kickstarting the hunt: We quickly found the map the Treasure Huntress (Pirate Lady however you wanna call her), was looking over and also that it resembled the shape of Plunderers Paradise.We found out the crosses marked skeletons with hats, except one which we assumed to be another black hat skeleton at first.The rest will be covered by Random Persson in the main Secret Forum Post (Link goes here once its live) Aside from that, here is what made us stuck: Missing HitfeedbackTrial and Error combination with no leads to be foundHints skipping the initial problemWrong PrioritiesToo many secrets/eastereggsFrom the above metioned things, I want to talk about 3 a bit in detail Missing Hitfeedback: Giving skeletons a small rattle when they were hit would not only make the map more interactive but also show us that they are meant to be hit/shot Trial and Error Combination: This is the biggest flaw in the secret. Instead of rewarding Players that try to interpret clues and hints it rewards running around shooting everything as a matter of desperation. I think Trial and Error is never a good thing in a Puzzle especially not for order/sequence tasks. (If there was a way to determine the order, tell me please) Hints skipping the initial problem: After asking Lawlta for a hint, cause investigations were stuck he gave us an anagram with a tip that should help us out. While the anagram was fun (at least for me) it did not help us at all. The Solution to the anagram was: Hints are for Winners which told us that we needed to win the map. This was something we could have figured out by simply trying and didn't help because we were stuck at a completly diffrent part of the puzzle: Finding the right sequence/order. So let me conclude this by saying: Thank you Trendy for an awesome Treasure Hunt! We had a lot of fun and a lot of smoking heads. In case you guys plan to do more secrets on other maps, I hope my Feedback will improve the secrets quality and make for an even more satisfying secret hunt. Special thanks goes to everyone in the Mystery Squad discord.
  7. Well theres still a lot to figure out. One of it being how we should have found the right sequence without shooting Skeletons in a random order. Also what was the Crystal drawing? Was it just an easter egg or should it mean something? So theres still some cleaning up to do aside from perfecting the above named sequence. Guess this thread will live a while longer in case we find stuff or get stuff confirmed by Trendys
  8. In case anyone is wondering, we're still on it. Investigations are kinda stuck, cause nobody seems to find a solution tho. All leads we have were discovered randomly and we haven't found a way to reproduce them consistent yet. This is our current To-Do List: - Find out what the 6th cross on the treasure map is and how it fits into the sequence to unlock chanty 2 - Find a way to trigger chanty 2 consistent - Throw Dreadbones into the laser - Get a better look at the giant map and look for shapes that look suspicious - Try diffrent sequences/orders --> Talk to all Hats --> Lose to Flyers (Also diffrent Waves) --> Shoot or Punch Hitboxskeletons --> Do a checkpoint race with the 6 skeletons marked on the treasure map being the checkpoints - ***storm Trendy for making a Pirate Ship without a plank - collect money to bribe a Trendy (MaJeans Idea)
  9. Things we tried: - Standing next to all 4 red hat skeletons (4 Players) - Shooting all 4 red hat skeletons at the same time (4 Players) - Interact (or at least tryed to) with all 4 red hat skeletons (4 Players) - All of the above while having lost the map (4 Players) - Shooting the Red Hats and Punching the Black hats (marked on the Treasure Map) - Doing a Checkpoint Race while interacting or shooting or flying through skeletons (marked on the treasure map) while having the key buff (Not all possible orders yet!) - Doing a Checkpoint Race while interacting with the pirate hats while having the key buff (ordered from biggest to smallest hat)
  10. Would require testing, but I don't think it's possible to have 3 Crystals die at the exact same time. Also given that, if you go into the cave after you lost, theres a giant face looking at you, I don't think theres something else behind that crystalwall I'm guessing it's a sequence of things you need to do in order to unlock the secret, like talk to every hat, lose to Flyers on a certain wave or shoot every skeleton marked on the treasure map. Also Things like: get 4 Players and shoot/hit the red hat Skeletons at the same time You know some sort of Sequence that could be found by accident but would take ages to happen (they want to keep us entertained right?).
  11. Alright lets take this a step further. Tell me which towers except pdts (cause you mentioned them around 20 times already (obviously made the number bigger to signalize how often)) clearly outclass other towers so that people would not lose from using tenacity or piercers. If your only real reason is the pdt, we should probably work on a pdt nerf instead or buff the other possible cc traps.
  12. Says he wants to be competetive -> ignores the fact that tenacity and piercer servo handicap the player that uses them by taking away a valuable mod slot. Sure lets ignore the fact that the person that uses those mods looses 60% bonus damage on his defence. Lets ignore the bonus aoe effect he could have added. Let's ignore the range caps he could have met, the rate caps he could have met, the power he lost, so he can use his defence against geodes or cyborcs. You say you want to climb higher than others. If you defence isn't perfect, you won't climb higher than others.
  13. Strategic and clever means maxing range and abusing the range scaling they have? I can either give up a shard slot to max out my aura range, or i can give up a mod slot to reduce the stun time on them (which still sounds bad af if it isn't 100% reduction). I don't see much of a difference. I don't even see a reason to use a tenacity mod at all if it isn't maxed once they fix the bug. Reading out of your posts: You want the Game to tell you which defences are allowed for specific lanes, so that you feel like you are using a unique build for every map. You don't like Anti-Hardcounter mods cause they open up the amount of defences we can use. (rant start) I don't see the 'strategic' sense in this. Where exactly do you feel rewarded by being told what tower you should use? I love the game for the amount of choice i have to defend and create diffrent builds for the maps. Used WMs for a few maps, now i got my shatterquake mod and make a build around earthshatters. The Strategy comes through thinking which Tower has the best synergies with earthshatters, how do I clear out the towers weakness, does the strat work with the amount of DU i have etc. If the game tells me in onslaught "Hey look its a geode vanguard lane I'll go for auras and traps." If it tells me Cyborcs "Alright going for them Projectile Towers". It mixes both? "Get those beam towers started". And this happens every map. The strategic diversity isn't there. You only got a certain amount of combinations for enemy lanes, and you will always beat them the same way. With the same towers every time. Cause you can't use any other strat cause it ain't the most efficent one. How are Pdts with damage reduction on them more efficent then building auras? Yes they are useful for spreading poison on enemys and have by far the best fire rate and range of your choices. But they also suffer from lower damage or cc then the other choices. (rant over) TL:DR Onslaught lanes only feature a set amount of enemy lanes. You will always beat a certain enemy lane the exact same way. Theres hardly any strategy involved in using the Tower the game tells you to use. Once fixed the Anti-Hardcounter Mods aren't as strong as you think, if they aren't a max roll.
  14. Its fairly common for people to have multiple characters for diffrent towers. This is especially usefull if you can't max out ascension range gambits on every tower you want. I'd put Any type of builders always first on the relic part. Save up the other gear for your dps as builders don't need good armor or weapons.
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