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  1. If you go on the offical discord there is a pinned post. Ice has offered to manually copy your characters over naked now. You wouldnt have gear but you would keep your levels and not wait for the tool. You message the modmail bot on the discord server with the request and it puts you in the queue.
  2. Hey CG. Rough launch huh. Anyway, waited till the work week started to make this post. easy to focus on some negatives, lets talk about some great things you all are doing. You all give a damn about your game and the community. It shows. You may not always have the best transparency when things go wrong but you always work extremely hard to make up for it and admit when you make mistakes, thats big and deserves to be recognized. The end of week open letter was appreciated, owned up to items that were done wrong, and provided a path forward. Thank you for listening to community feedback, and coming up with a plan to address it. ice needs a huge shout out, this weekend, instead of enjoying a few days off, they were manually transferring dozens of players characters from legacy to play and still had time to help the community in discord, and on a anecdotal note while doing all that spent hours helping me track down the hacker flag issue i was having on my account. Mary and Phillip as well provided support, answered questions regarding the launch and letter in discord this weekend. There were probably other CG working through the weekend to help as well, got an answer from the CG support ticket input in sunday morning, most small companies you wouldnt hear back till monday. Just wanted to give a quick beginning of the work week thank you to all of you post. Its easy to complain about the bad things that happened and launch, but the positives are sometimes missed.
  3. late night edit - CG fixed the issue. Thank you all. BIG shout out to Ice who helped me trouble shoot it for hours late night saturday. Another big thanks to Mary who pointed me to Phillip who was able to fix it. The whole team at CG is great. ------- Dont see a specific DDA ticket site, or help forum section anymore. Hey CG, need some help. Been trying to get ahold of someone in discord but its the weekend so ya know how it is. Last night after update the browser no longer showed games, this morning a couple popped up. Anyway, tried to join Juice this morning and he got the hacker screen popped up when i tried to join. I think my game had crashed before update, a few people in discord said they had similar flagging after crash. This is happening on my play account, this isnt even legacy character wierdness. Anyway, hit me up in discord so we can get this fixed when u all arent enjoying your weekend off. ill keep the discord pinging to a minimum.
  4. how big of a pool of shards are you looking at? Ive gilded 6 deadly strikes so they do drop. its probable that you have not opened anywhere near enough shards to see an even distrubution and weigh out the extemes. So as an example OP said 29 shard drops so I tossed 100 rolls of a 29 side dice http://rolladie.net/rolladie#!numbers=1&sides=29&length=100&last_roll_only=false&totals_only=false&start=false and did not get anywhere close to a even distrubtion with several numbers occuring 0 or 1 time So I did it again with 1000 rolls and you still see extremes with some occuring less then 20 times and others 40-50 times Rolled it again 10000 times and you see a much closer to even distribution (330-350 avg) RNG systems suck for the outliers, you are going through that right now. Perhaps they can do something with shard dust to help with the outliers like they did with mod rerolls.
  5. yes all have the same drop rate, and this has been confirmed sooooo many times. Opening one pack has no impact on another. RNG is cruel mistress when you are looking at a low pool of anything for patterns.
  6. Why should it be hard? First of all, hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of afk grinding a luck system isnt hard, its just a time sink, that allows players blessed with good luck to progress at a much more streamlined, much less game quit inducing afk grind. C8 gear is very material and time consuming to make. When making c8 gear you are making it for progression in onslaught so you want to use perfect mods, otherwise replacing them later gets even more expensive. Theres really no reason for 7 of the mod tiers, we have 3 tiers of usefulness. current 1/10-7/10 for new players trying to build up to chaos 7 8/10 or 9/10 for players breaking into onslaught 10/10 progressing in late onslaught. Pre trials we had a rng stat system on gear and they got rid of it for shards, literally saying that grinding for rng stats isnt fun. 2 years later we are back to a much worse version of that system. Also mod rerolls are super fun when you go through 300 of them and 1/3 of those are 1/10
  7. they added a lot of incremental component grinding and mod grinding that takes place in content that is in early chaos, when we are farming in late game gear. This isnt about making the game "easier" no one finds farming mods or rerolls challenging. Restricting progression on low rng drops is not a challenge, its just a time sink. This time sink is done almost entirely afk. We need to waste hundreds of hours waiting for drops to continue progressing. Theres nothing fun or challenging about that
  8. i disagree running c4 in c8 gear for 30 hours is "something to do". No one asked for a grind that takes thousands of hours in content you have 10x the stats for to get components to farm more components to put together gear.
  9. Thats a great point!, so now lets do all of that 3-4 more times before we can continue playing!
  10. I think you are looking at this the wrong way, as are probably most people who are attempting to reroll for a 10/10. It isn't about giving you another way to get a 10/10 in 4 or 10 hours, it's about giving you a super specific 10/10. Pick any mod, Anti-melee, Tenacity, Def Rate, Shocking Revelation, any mod that can be used on multiple defenses and go farm for a 10/10. I bet you don't get it within a very short time, I bet you don't even get it in 50 or 100 hours. That's what this system is for, eliminating the randomness of mods and letting you "pick" which mod you want chances on and in the mean time you can use it. So lets say you get a 4/10 anti-melee, you put it on the relic because that's the best you have. You reroll it 30 times and get a 7/10 now you have an improvement, and you didn't farm endlessly waiting not only to get lucky about getting a 7/10 but also lucky that it was an anti-melee on top of that. Lets be real here, this is about 10/10s. People progressing, moving gear to c8 only care about 10s. There is a small part of the game where we care about 7/10-9/10 that the majority of us passed before mods even came out. This is supposed to be a tower defense game that involves grinding to progress. Over the last 6 months its turned into a grind game with tower defense sprinkled in. I wouldnt even mind the grind game if it was an effective grind at the highest content tier you were at. But its a grind game where you have the best chance at gear progression by lowering down to a content tier where the mod pool is the smallest for the mod you want. Lets just walk through state of the game shall we. Lets say I want a max defense rate mod. Step 1: Farm c4, lowest tier it drops. I will be farming draken keep since I will most likely need to reroll due to the rng nature of mod drops (thx for the 10 anti skelly mods trendy) Step 2: after about 25 hours of farming c4 and not getting a 10/10 defense rate mod I now have enough rerolls to have a good chance of getting a 10, oops RNG wasnt on my side, lets grind another 3 hours. Ok finally got one wow I feel lucky. Step 3: Ok now I need to move this c4 defense rate to c7. Well now I need to run 2-4 more dungeon maps, since reroll drops are on a separate map from the maps I need to upgrade relics.. Ok 20 minutes later the mod is at c7. Step 4: Ok now we are assuming I repeated 1-3 for the other 2 mods I want for the relic I am eventually gonna use to continue onslaught progression. I finally combine all of them on to 1 relic (after grinding 6-8 more maps for the pristine clusters needed) 50 hours (for 2 other mods) + 30 minutes for the additional pristine clusters. Step 5: Ok now I need 6 c8 amps. I typically get one every 10 maps, so lets say 60 onslaught maps later, spamming the same ~100 floor non lost temple map. Step 6: Damn now I have all my amps, but I still need 250 pristine clusters. Ok back to running about 140 more c7 dungeon maps afk style. Step 7: OMG I finally built 1 relic for onslaught progression. I can actually play the tower defense portion of the "game" and not this material farming simulator where I put my defenses that far outscale the content down and watch netflix for 100 hours.
  11. i remember those being limited time deals not exclusive, which is why i didnt buy them last year. while limited time can be exclusive it can also mean that limited window will close, not that it cant open agsin
  12. Stop quoting me :( DonĀ“t you mean stop not quoting me..? Don't you mean don't stop not quoting me..?
  13. We want to make that feeling standard, with no outliers, so we're giving a ONE WEEK turn around change based on player feedback to help make things better in the short term (something that we think sets us apart from a lot of games), while we work on a more complex fix to ensure the system feels substantially better. Even after all these increases and changes, we'll monitor and see if we need to increase it even more. Sorry if you get tagged from the quote I know you hate that. This right here is why I have played this game for years. The dev team behind this game actually listens to feedback and looks into issues the community brings up all the time. Thank you to all of trendy for such a quick response to this. In game chats we weren't expecting any changes until the next major patch if at all. Its good to know its on your radar to monitor as well and of course after seeing it and giving it a few hundred hours of grinding in game if it still feels off we will make a new post with updated feedback as well :)
  14. I never even made it to the part where you farm mods. I couldn't pass chaos 4 You are kidding...right? he he Alas, no. You fellas are complaining about a worse thing but I never got past shard farming. It's quite similar because from what I hear an optimal way to farm for certain mods like Tenacity is to spam lower difficulties. I swear Trendy has a morbid fascination with forcing players into being in lower difficulties as long as possible. Maybe they have a secret deal with Netflix or Youtube. That would make a lot of sense. its similar in concept but you would first need to triple the number then multiply that by each of the 10 mod qualities wieghted factor. In real numbers you are talking about a difference of 2% drop rate for specific shard vs closer to a 0.001% rate for the specific perfect mod.
  15. A gilded shard is a carrot on a stick. you get the individual shards that you are chasing to combine into a gilded shard. MODs are just a lottery. Nothing to chase. Nothing to work for. Just luck.
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