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  1. Oh, is this something that was purposely implemented. I haven't played in awhile so I didn't know.
  2. I have completed the campaign before as I have 7 level 50 heroes but I recently got a new bug after i hadn't played for awhile where the game now says that i have to "complete the campaign to unlock monthly missions". But I don't even think there is a way for me to do the campaign again. Any help would be great.
  3. I need some feedback on the odds of getting an amount of wyvern tokens from a daily quest. I currently have a daily that has the possibility of giving me 5-10 wyvern tokens. As you must know for the monthly you have to get 50 wyvern tokens. I am currently ten wyvern tokens away and this is my last chance. Is there a way that i can guarantee getting all 10 wyvern tokens from this quest or is it just completely RNG. If it's RNG I will have to spend the rest of the night praying to RNGesus that I can some how get all 10 and if it's not can you please tell me how to do it. Also the quest that I have is to do 12 rounds of onslaught. So I have an idea that it could be based on the difficulty of the onslaught rounds that I'm doing. Thanks for the feedback.
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