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  1. 2 times the same weapon lol, also remove some stats so hacker dont copy that ult++ Fixed the same weapon thing. What do you mean by remove some stats?
  2. Selling the following ultimate weapons, taking offers:
  3. It was actually very amusing to be watching for me too. and this would really help me out, thanks to both of you! I can probably finally buy some gear and clear some NM maps by myself!
  4. He was talking to me since all my builders are myth. I stopped using the high quality gear when I put my myth sets together after running lab. You can see some older pics of them in the power of myth link in my signature. Very cool. I took a look. I'm still (relatively) new to this game compared to most people on this forum.
  5. Yes, I know. Its Transcendent. lvl 78 to equip it, I put it on to show the colour.
  6. https://imgur.com/gSo070B Thats the MK2 I'm selling
  7. Hello, I'm selling the Aperture Science HPD MK2 - The one recieved alongside the achievement Hardcore Mythical Defender. Post a reply here or add me steam @ Aim4thebullseye.
  8. Looking for 2 transcendent gear sets (1 DPS set, 1 tower set). price varies on gear quality/stats. Feel free to attach a price yourself
  9. Do i get rid of it by just selling it to the bank then? or am i not supposed to do that?
  10. http://gyazo.com/dfcfea9a63736e0bed969d06338f3e42 Is this piece possible? someone left this on the floor of my shop during the night as i left my computer on to host afk shop
  11. Playing dungeon defenders on PC, i was in my tavern and moused over the challenge Lab Assault I hit the get button and purchased the necessary DLC to unlock aforementioned DLC. However, upon returning to the game it continues to not allow me to play Lab Assault and simply has the 'Get' button up where the 'Go' button should now be. Exiting the game and restarting has provided no avail and I am also unable to even repurchase the DLC. On steam it shows that my DLC has been purchased and downloaded as well. I bought the DLC approximately 2 days ago. Thanks in advance.
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