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  1. Gimme that good S U C C, boi <3
  2. Forgot to leave a link to my profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198079675301/
  3. I want to hit 7k/4k on my DPS monk, so if you have pieces, s3nd n00ts, and I'll make you an offer. Also, Jonas and Thomas: <3 <3 <3
  4. Helm 1: http://imgur.com/g8ABTAm C/O: 6CV - viraL Helm 2: http://imgur.com/6qTzg8c C/O: 7CV -LiquidLuck I'll take the normal stuff for this (cubes/coal/etc). This will end whenever I feel there is no longer interest. I do have hidden reserves for these pieces (I guess?). i have the right to not sell to anyone I deem shady, so you better check your reputation and your privileges, cis-scum. Have a fabulous day, DD fam. <3
  5. The point of the $40 dollar upgrade isn't to gain even the slightest advantage. It's to show that you really care about the development of the game and appreciate what Trendy has done for us so far (not saying that you don't care or appreciate if you didn't buy it). It should already be worth your while buying it if you feel generous enough to support the game you love and see a lot of potential in. I've never purchased anything from Trendy that I haven't been satisified with. Heck, when DDE came out, I sold some of my TF2 tickets to buy some copies for me and some pals. It's not necessary to buy the upgrade obviously, but you shouldn't feel like it's too much to pay for what may seem like little to you. I hope I don't come off as rude in anyway, but it's just how I feel about the upgrade and what Trendy means to me and others.
  6. Read the blog, you have to re-connect your steam account to your forum account Aight, bro. I hope it worked.
  7. Also, why does it say I am a hardened defender? I'm part of the council. :<
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