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  1. So if I copy&paste the files into the reinstalled DD my open chars should be back? And I usually play ranked, 125/130 hrs are there. I don't use steam cloud, so will that make any effect (it kept closing in the middle of games to sync) EDIT: Nvm at, i verified tha game cache and 7 things were missing. Works fine now and everything is there! Very happy this forum and almost hope I have an issue so I can come back
  2. Earlier today, I downloaded a screencorder. My antivirus said it was corrupted, so I fully uninstalled it (with Control Panel). Next, I installed the dev kit to toy around with it and see if it was my level of coding. I tried running DD, and it said something was preventing it from starting. I fully uninstalled the dev kit (from control panel again). Yet again, I had another error...launching. When I clicked the shortcut it didn't run at all, and running it from Win32 said i was missing steam_api.dll. I installed that from the internet and it seemed to work. Well...it didn't. I tried playing
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