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  1. There's a point where the tower will stop animating at all (the throwing motion), I forget where exactly that happens, but it's possible that attacks are constrained by the animation before that threshold.
  2. There was actually a period around two months back when I could reliably count on a piece or two of supreme armour from a full Aquanos clear, which made it tedious but doable to farm up some sets. Since the last shards patch, I've had no supreme armour from Aqua or Talay and an abysmally small number from Sky City. No ultimate armour whatsoever from anywhere either. I do however have several hundred Supreme Muskets and Simple Handbows, so everything is well. /s
  3. I saw that. Also saw another cube auction where someone just bid 500 billion for a pair of cubes. Did that actually happen? Good God.
  4. thats if you start on a wave close to 20 too... they can easily last as long as 3-4 hours if you've got **** to do in between lol. all to get a few trans armors and ult weapons... woo ****in' hoo I worked out last week that farming Sky City/Aquanos/Talay Survival (haven't added Palantir yet since the HP on Ogres gets frankly absurd) I average 1 Supreme Weapon per hour, 1 Ultimate Weapon per 2 hours, and 1 Supreme Armour per 8 hours. If I cheese AFKable waves with 4 splitscreen summoners, the odds of getting supreme armour does NOT seem to increase, I simply get fewer drops in total - this
  5. I know they're planning a more useful and customizable upgrade system, but really if they just added an option to either: 1) Green arrows on trans/sup/ult irrespective of stats or 2) Remove the light blue mythical dots from the overlay entirely (i.e, not gray, make the damned things invisible) then it would help tremendously at finding useful upgrades. Particularly in maps like Talay or Sky City where certain areas become death zones and so get clogged with items. It's impossible to tell if there's something useful lurking under the 40 mythical muskets clogging the map. Obviously, a
  6. Well I've been using the one from this thread: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?23119-How-to-emulate-a-controller-so-you-can-play-splitscreen-without-a-gamepad Has worked for months.
  7. Please note that for some reason the forum has inserted a space between Command= and the next part, that SHOULDN'T be there in the file.
  8. In the file: Steam\steamapps\common\dungeon defenders\UDKGame\Config\UDKInput.cfg, there should be a line that says: Bindings=(Name="XboxTypeS_LeftThumbstick",Command="PushToTalk") change it to: Bindings=(Name="XboxTypeS_LeftThumbstick",Command="ActivateCrystal") Depending on whether you've changed the bindings before, the Command="..." section may be different, but make sure you're changing the FIRST line of that sort in the file, since there seem to be various different blocks of input settings, but only the first one seems to matter for playing the game. If it already says 'RemoteAc
  9. For Talay and City in the Cliffs, and the Holiday Maps, yes (I think). Not for any of the Shards maps.
  10. Change the action for the binding in UDKInput from 'RemoteActivate' to 'ActivateCrystal.'
  11. range generates in a very high stat range and is forcibly rolled over after quality is determined I'm uncertain if this is still true. Certainly it seems to be for Propeller Cats, which have terrible ranges like 7 or 15, but Guardians from Palantir (and even the tavernkeeper) now seem to spawn with ranges from 1 - ~800, and boost strength is regularly overcapped. That said, I've never seen a guardian better than trans, and I have some I'd consider excellent so the stats on a supreme one would have to be ludicrous.
  12. If you're farming specifically for Pet rewards, just do Nightmare Pure Strategy. It's boring and easy, and the actual loot will be awful but you'll get nightmare level pets.
  13. Not sure about the other levels, but Aquanos was bugged in a patch a few months back and ran to 35 waves before finishing. Unless they cleared the leaderboards when they fixed it people could be there quite legitimately.
  14. He can if you position him between the tower and another targer, same as the Kraken. The towers won't actually shoot at him. Given how much he likes to fly around, how much YOU have to run around, and how much damage his fire attack does to defences, it's safer to keep him somewhat out of the way rather than trying to lead him into harpoons.
  15. This would be a tremendous quality of life change for some maps where madly swapping between builders in the time limit is downright stressful. Do it please!
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