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  1. Fun fact, Afshin is the guy who made all of the soundtracks for DD1. Considering there are like tens of thousands of DD youtube videos with DD audio, you should be fine. Who knows how your vid triggered it. :/
  2. @curtisgk quote: no one wants to sync it up with pc, but I get how you are saying it is totally expensive and everything. Guess it sucks that patches are so expensive. I still have no clue why it's cheaper on pc, i'm not really that much of a tech genius.
  3. yeah, I hope a trendy official can see this. I think the odds can be increased if we have 110 pages though
  4. It's a shame that DD1 would be like dead to them. I guess I can't argue with DD2 needing hands on support, but I guess I feel a little left out considering they could have thought of improving the DD1 community as a whole, a game that has lots of players. 2 years back when online was up, it was starting to boom again. I feel like an update could have been installed then. There was no excuse back then. It may be expensive, but it was quite doable. But now, it's just all too ez to say that the console community is too small therefore rendered insignificant. But if changes are made, it will event
  5. Wait, so if the defense council asks for updates along with the community (hypothetically speaking :P), then who responds or who are we trying to convince?
  6. And also, if you expand to EU (insane+, sky city, etc), then the game will become more enjoyable for those in EU.
  7. People quit because they have their weapon stolen, which should be an easy fix (like I explained). People don't really quit because of the grinding process, because that is also in pc version. People who play this game are hardcore grinders who will play the same mission over and over again to get the perfect oculus, and if it were to get stolen?! Well, then what's the point after that happens. But you will not only make money off the dedicated players, but also the modders and those who just play sporadically by paying the $20. I think if I made my channel a year ago, I would easily have 150
  8. Greetings fellow defenders, and today I request (once again) an update for Dungeon Defenders Xbox and PS3 versions. Throughout the seven months my channel has been up, I have gained 45 subscribers. Why does this matter? These are 45 people who love this game. These are 45 people who even though they deal with the ridiculousness of no online, or endure the constant swarm of modders and weapon stealers just to find the few and several who play legit, and grind for the same weapon for months and even years on end. These are the people who want to see the glorious light of day and to prevail in wh
  9. If you manage to succeed and record it, I'll make a video linking all my subs to it, because if you succeed with insane+ dlc mobs and ogres and without crashing somehow, you deserve views :3 -pwner5012. Because I also a long time ago forgot my account password. rip
  10. Here's to the several console players on the forums :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD_HRxjCllk
  11. If I remember, he said something about a proxy server and giving the ip of that server to the people you want to play with. Sounds risky to me, and I don't even know how to do that so..
  12. Some person named PB(insert random numbers here) knew how to do it, but when I asked like months ago it was way too late since he moved onto pc and didn't really care. if only online can come back...
  13. The last reply to any post in the DD1 section here was 7 days ago. Just wanna make sure this game didn't die off..
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