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  1. With ev2 come out it like star wars out there people fly and shoot at each other, but no point or marking, maybe you could make some sound effect if your bullet hit or some color mark like paintball? Just for fun no other reason :D, it might be fun if 20 or more people running and flying around the marketplace and shoot at each other. maybe next time you can add mount too :D
  2. why bell at 2nd map don't have any cooldown timer? anyone trying using 4 different heroes with skeleton costume? and ring all bell? it's haloween map, maybe we need to ring bell and wating at maldonis house for treat with costume sry for my english, its not my native languague
  3. If you want make lots of build you could make new tower, just make 4 tower slot for each character so they can pick tower for specific build, then make tower as equipment or skill tree to choose, then same char can have different tower, and if you want you can even sell each tower costume or model with gem for example: monk can put 4 different boost aura in their defence equipment slot (defence speed, damage, crit, health) to make tower boost build, or using 4 aura like (slow, lightning, heal and, hero damage boost) to make fighting monk, Monk: damage boost aura, defence boost aura, speed boo
  4. yes can you help my friend id too, his id akunk16, he join another game when tutorial, so he cannot fisnished his first quest, he already submit bug on gameplay
  5. but with lower drop rate make this egg become really special, if everyone can get it then why they need make this event? just give egg to each player then. and i think in the future they will make this same event maybe you can get your egg later. Sorry for my English its not my native language
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