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  1. It works in clikers becose after "reset" you are more powerful, so you levelup and clear "floors" much faster. But thats not how dd works - after reset you have to do campign again (oh GOD no), and it will be the same insta death for mobs, which is not making thing faster. If they gonna do something about it, that its ok. If it will be like I described, we are funked.
  2. A little addition - there is a Greystone Plaza, and one of its mastery points is undamaged core. Its not that hard, but! Sometimes on the last wave (left lane) Javelinthrowers just stop, turn right, and hit the core (no builds near the core). It happened 2 times in a row and its total nonsence - mob for no reason hit your core from highground then continues walk on its way. I tried to cover the core with volcano in second try(no nodes allowed), but bucking Jewelthrower hit the core anyway =D
  3. I wonder if it is because they see the majority of the player base spends most of their time playing solo? Don't think so. Its multiplayer game. If most players play solo, its devs fault.
  4. well see, to me, it's not a matter of "i have more of this shard so im better than you" it's more of a "i have this many of the same shard cause i have heroes who need it." And i feel that, even if we arent people who have 5+ of the exact same hero, we are going to suffer. Cause we ARE getting the alt-genders who have a lot of the same moves/towers and we do like using both of them depending on our mood or whatnot whatever reason people would have for using both. But we only get 1 of the shard, ever. One of our heroes will have to suffer and probably become more ignored and make us feel like we wasted time on ever even bothering trying to make them equal dungeon defenders. Example: a hyper shard for Earthshatter tower. Only get 1, so either apprentice or adept is going to be left out and sooner ignored. I personally would rather not make one of my alt-genders less powerful when i enjoy both of them. And constantly moving the shard between them when i feel like switching it up, is kind of annoying. I already have issues trying to keep track of who has this or that other shard so i can move them around when needed.(cant wait to have enough of all the shards to appropriately gear out each of my chars so i dont have to swap around shards anymore) Usually you don't swap shards, you swap relic with all shards in it. And you don't move 4 relics, becose 1 hero usually uses 1-2 towers, so you move only 1-2 relics. Not that hard. But could be better.
  5. It's been 4 years. Granted, the game has improved a lot and will continue to. I just wish they added in more DD1 aspects. No its not, game was just released, alpha-beta are development stages.
  6. Stop whinig, please. DD1 was pretty boring after release, they managed to make it great after a ~year.
  7. Hi there! I play DD2 since pre-alpha, and see the evolution on things. Here comes my feedback for current game state, and I know, many thing will be changed in the future (I hope you will understand my crappy english) Towers: It's actually not that easy to talk about tower balance since some of the enemys counter entire builds, so even the strongest towes could be useless. In my opinion, weapon manufacturer needs some new weapons, and laser one needs to be buffed. Fissure of Embermount also should cost 0 DU or molten energy have to be rebalanced. I play, in general, on my own or with friends, so i did not see broken imbalanced builds or something like that. Items: Items and shards are well-made, but loot system extremely lacks of rare drops. Like, legendary is not a legendary if it drops every map, I tell it every single time. Loot progression by itself is too quick, please, don't listen to those crybabies who struggles to make a good build. After last loot update I progressed from Nightmare Chaos II to Chaos IV in... 2 days. Yeah, i have lots of gold to upgrade items, but its not that important actually, gems upgrading is more important. My suggestions: make ultra-rare gear drops, and ultra-rare non-gear items (for example, special pets or lockless chests, may be blue gems, like, 1\1000 chance). Right now loot system is ok but you can't show off anything, everyone have legs legendaries'n'stuff. Also shards should be gone from shop, why they are even there? It makes progression even faster and boring. Trade: Dungeon Defenders 2 don't have trading systems, but is it good or bad? Free gear trading will ruin loot progression, but there are ways to make it smart. The best way to do is to allow trade everything exept gear, medals and gems. I bet someone would give me 50mil gold for my pre-alpha pet But, in general, trade is not the games needs right now, there is more important stuff. Would be happy to see trades later. Special enemys: So many threads about them now - Siege Rollers, Geodes, Assassins, etc. I think the best way is to decrease numbers of them, or, even better - throw them on different lanes. Cyborks go on one lane, geodes on other, so you can manage them more effective. I don't think anything here needs direct nerf, just little adjustment on spawn. Quests: Since you can't select certain maps to play on Chaos if you want to complete quests, you need to go campign and get bored or go incursion, but there is like 2 incursions for difficulty, so you need to play lower chaos, or sometimes you even can't complete weekly quest becose it is on 5+chaos level. Chaos design is good by itself, but quests should not be bound with certain maps. Also, buffing enemys HP for every player is not a good idea since you rely mainly on you defences, not on character dps. Spawning additional mini-bosses like ogres should be better, since it's not making life of your towers worse, players use their additional dps, and as reward for multyplayer you are getting a good loot drop from it. Overall, i enjoy playng this game, but it doen't have any end-game goal, waiting for updates, I heard you are working on it
  8. How about deleting characters aand cleaning bags?
  9. I am happy when people answering their own questions. Thread closed.
  10. Yeti incursion is one of late-game maps, since it is only on last tier caos. I hope they will add more maps, that are avalable only on high chaos tiers
  11. In the last patches they were changed, and now they cost the same amount of units, mana, have same hp and collision. What the key difference now, and in which cases AB is better than sqire's wall?
  12. I think, the best way it to spawn more special enemys, that need players attention. In DD1 you could call your friend for help, now you kick your friend for help =D Increase HP is the worst way possible to balance addtitonal players, it is said (sad) that most % of mobs are killed by towers, since more players doesn't make your towers more powerful, it gets much harder. Yes, players kill mobs, but sometimes you need to help on other lanes, and your lane get destroyed with more powerful mobs..
  13. I mean most of old legs lost their special ability, like bling-o-tron and others. Legendaries have to have locked unic gems.
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