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  1. I'd say, maybe keep it in multiplayer, and remove it in singleplayer? Cause what i see as the purpose is keeping a single player from going into a 4 player game, switch between his 10 perfect characters to do the perfect combo on his own, and then switch into his perfect dps character, and by doing that, carry the hole game all by himself... Also, it adds maybe a bit of difficulty, but the first thing is really the only reason why i would like to see it staying, well in multiplayer at least..?
  2. I think this is awesome.. It gives an amazing feeling when fighting... Don't do more than making disabling it an option...
  3. With this, it would be to similar to the squire wall, which deals damage when being attacked... It's about the same.. Sorry, I meant deflects projectiles, not to bounce back and hit enemies. Ohh, that's something completely different! I think it would be a really cool ability, especially the preventing Aoe, or perhabs stopping the jawelin thrower's projectile as well as stopping Aoe..? That would seem cool, but it would have to be nerfed a bit on health or something though...
  4. With this, it would be to similar to the squire wall, which deals damage when being attacked... It's about the same..
  5. This topic was already discussed, and the (conclusion) was adding a spec tree instead, making it possible to "upgrade" your towers with the spec tree... So, that's kinda the suggestion now, i don't know if i like hat suggestion either though... https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/114598/tower-spec-tree-older-post-recreated Here's an active thread about the spec tree..
  6. Maybe have a hot key that sells the item that the curser it on like in DD1/DDE? I think rightclick to sell would result in many missclicks... But if you had to press a certain key to sell, that would be about the same?
  7. However, i wouldn't remove normal and hard difficulties... The fragments should be special ways of adding extra difficulty, but it should still be possible to simply switch into hard in my opinion.
  8. Simply amazing! I love this idea, it adds difficulty in an awesome way, where you can find just the right difficulty for you, by activating a certain amount of fragments! Amazing!
  9. Nice idea, not really a big deal for me though. Would like to see it implemented, but is it worth the struggle of adding it?
  10. ooo! like over-progressing the tittle achievement? :D sick idea Yea ;D
  11. Awesome idea! Maybe let these things be unlockable like the titles themselves..?
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