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  1. How does this avoid ruining the economy if another trading system would? Also, only trade with non-ingame currency? Hell no! Why the hell would there be a trading system of only premium currency... Which also leads directly back to pay-to-win, this is nothing but pure pay-to-win... You might as well just set up a shop with real money that gives weapons... No, please...
  2. I believe that nothing can be too complicated, just bad implementation. I would love to have 6-8 towers per hero and able to select 4 of them. On top of that the skill tree/spec thing you mentioned. Do not throw the player into everything at the same time. The pacing so far to me seems okay. But at level 10ish (?) you got everything. I do not know how many levels there will be, but getting nothing new for the rest of the game? Seems to simplistic to me. Personally I would prefer more towers you can select from per hero, before adding different heroes. I played orcs must die one and two once, and these two games had lots of towers, and kind of a tower deck where you could choose what towers you wanted. I hated it, and when i think back on it, it was so bad. There were just too many oportunities and i didn't know what the hell to choose. Sometimes, it's better to keep it simple and good, and not add too many features... Also, i completely agree that you get less payoff from leveling in the late levels. Maybe simply redo it so that two of the towers aren't unlocked before a bit later?
  3. In my opinion, there shouldn't be more towers than you can hold... This was already discussed alot, not sure what the majority of people wanted, but at some point adding in a spec tree where you can customize your towers instead of having extra towers was suggested, and i kinda like that idea more than this.. I would probably prefer not adding any of these things though, i think it might just make the game a small little bit too complicated, especially for new people. https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/113142/what-if-we-had-more-towers-than-we-could-hold
  4. It's even easier on the end-game... you can skip 25+ and go straight to 25++ and you can build all with any character solo besides huntress (don't doubt anybody could do with huntress i just haven't figured how to use her well) I'm not up into making them stronger, i just find the game too easy 'cause we lack a next difficulty, this is a game where strategy counts a lot, if you find a good strategy it will work out perfectly you can go with lower stats way above the average player. I believe we simply lack a higher difficulty, a 3rd difficulty.. I agree that we are lacking a 3rd difficulty, and yes we can solo 25++ (I can even do it with a huntress) I'm talking about soloing level 75 on Nightmare when the game gets that far. It would be wierd, if it was the excact same difficulty when you solo with one hero and if you got several heroes to do the job... The game has combos, some of them have to be between different heroes, and obviously it would be better to use these combos, so it would be wierd if it wouldn't be a bit harder with one hero. Besides, it's a co-op game, so it should also be better to be several players, otherwise it would be a singleplayer game.
  5. What about a dust cloud that slowed them and made them attack each other similar to the enrage aura from DD1. Yea that could be cool too!
  6. People thought that in DD1, it was annoying going through a massive amount of useless loot, and it was also annoying to have completely unlimited inventory space... Therefore both the loot system and bag system has changed, and i believe that it changed to the better...
  7. Suggestion for a tower..? Similar to smoke bomb..? Some bomb cannon or something...? Throws smoke bombs, the bombs blind the enemies making them "stunned" or confused, making them walk around about the same spot for a small while..? Because they're blinded by the smoke bomb..? Don't really know, just random idea :D
  8. 1: The forge is often at the end of the map, making it useless to travel to it, if what you wanna do is to get to the other side of the map. 2: All blue mana is regenerated at the start of each wave anyway. Maybe remove that instead? I don't know.. :D
  9. It's an amazing idea for a hero! I love the idea of the hero itself, it's abilities and the type of the hero. However, the defenses seem a bit too much like the huntress'. I'd rather see something completely new than something alike some of the other defenses.
  10. jako3578

    Hero Specs

    It's already on the list that they need to add/change the spec nodes, so don't worry they will be changed and perhabs some of your suggestions may be implemented as well ;)
  11. It's armor, it would seem wierd if it didn't give resistance as the main thing... Would be the same as if the weapon gave more resistance or defense power than hero power.. Cause it's a weapon..
  12. jako3578


    I've seen many people suggesting that pets have unique abilities, instead of a regular attack. The designs of these pets would fit to the special ability as well of course... I don't really remember alot of exmaples, but i think some suggestions were pets that healed heroes, pets that automaticly repaired defenses, unique stuff like that instead of regular attacks.
  13. In DDE, there's a dash system allowing you to dash forward 4 times in a row. This could work? I liked te dash system in DDE alot, and that would provide the players with a nice way to travel around the map pretty quickly.
  14. mayhaps, but the game doesn't have anything like that currently. everything is just words until it actually exists. however i'll admit due to the methods of communication i haven't been as deeply involved with Dungeon Defenders II as i wish i could be - and therefore i won't rule out missing some information here and there, and then much of my hours get dumped into other well made games that are easier to give feedback to. anyways, skill trees are an option, and allow each Tower to hopefully have different Playstyles in them, but having more Towers multiplies that facet more than a Skill Tree does. should we have it? humans have 20/20 hindsight, but we're blind to the future, so we don't really know if something like that would be good, or not. it could be, it could not. that's why it's something to ponder over. and decide if enough agree that it's worth giving it a try to see how it ends up. No, this isn't implemented yet, but the game is still in pre-alpha and the devs expect it to take at least a year from now until it's fully finished, so of course some big features will still be missing.. You're right, we can't be 100% sure that the decision we'll make will be the best one, but that doesn't mean that we should just do a random thing.. There's still a bigger chance for it to be a good one, if we think about which one would probably be the best one first.. That's why there has to be alot od discussion about things like these, before it's actually decided what's gonna be implemented.
  15. I said this in another thread as well... I love this feature, it gives such an epic feeling when fighting!! When i tried playing a bit of DDE, i felt like fighting was even boring compared to this, simply because of the epic feeling that this control gives you...
  16. This may be fixed when the two new heroes (maybe more i don't know, but at least two) will be implemented, as that will add at least 8 new defenses as well..?
  17. i don't think those two things fill the same role. different Towers fill completely different playstyles, bringing completely new ideas to the field. most of the Specs currently are like stat boosts for your Towers. i mean, honestly, for say, the Electric Aura, what new feature to gameplay does it sometimes dealing a lot more Damage do? that doesn't add something new to the gameplay, it's a niche statboost for a Tower. some of them do add new facets to Towers, but just as many are stat boosts. The idea that i mentioned isn't like the spec nodes... It's where you have a spec tree where you can choose different play styles of the tower and upgrade the tower into. By that, you get more customisation, and you get to have the different styles of each tower, which is a bit like having new towers, depending on how much they actually change.
  18. I'm pretty sure that your issue is similar to many other issues including one that i had as well... It's an issue with playverse, automaticly creating a playverse account with a different name than it should be, making your ingame name being different than you want it to. Now, i don't know anything else, neither how to fix it or if it can be fixed..
  19. Well there would not be any more hotkeys the defensive abilities would replace the 3 we have now. If you chose to use them. So on all heroes there would be no regular spells, but defense spells? Is that what you mean? Or are you able to go in and choose what spells you want to use? I think he means something like if you hold shift as you select one ability, it to have a different effect that would affect defenses instead of monsters Ohh, that would be kinda cool, still simply too many spells though..
  20. Well there would not be any more hotkeys the defensive abilities would replace the 3 we have now. If you chose to use them. So on all heroes there would be no regular spells, but defense spells? Is that what you mean? Or are you able to go in and choose what spells you want to use?
  21. Simply too many spells... Too many hotkeys as well... I agree with Gutu, i'd rather have a hero who's focusing on this.
  22. Yeah and + some options maybe where if you join that server you have to follow those rules? :D Ohh... To avoid people doing annoying stuff, wasting DU or something like that?? That sounds pretty cool.
  23. The game is more tower building than dpsing, only if you don't dps, for what i read your style is more tower building, alright, then it's fine, this is why i accept having an option to enable or disable this, because forcing people into co-op tower building instead of co-op 1 person builds and 3 dps.. They're different play-styles and none means more co-op experience or not. My opinion is that yes, it can be fun to do that, however don't make it a game forced feature, but rather have the choice to enable it, to allow those who dislike playing like that to play normally, or hardcore players will never see an public game unless they're with friends. I see that... I guess, conclusion is, add server browsing, so you can decide who you want to play with, if you find it annoying to play with a guy with too many characters ;D
  24. This is the excact reason why i think it should be kept in multiplayer... If it's not possible to win with only 3 characters, then you're forced to work together! In my opinion, the multiplayer has to be about teamwork, to make it a better co-op experience.. Also, why i think it's a problem having one builder is, i think it's more a tower defense game with action elements than the oposit... And i want it to be like that as well.. So i find it a bit boring fighting only, i find it more fun if i can bild as well... You're probably right about the limitations on playing styles, i just think that the players in a multiplayer game should have to work together.
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