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  1. It would hide the loot too much in the begining... Besides, a beam isn't special.. A pink beam is!
  2. Those situations while unfortunate are also not the norm. People leave from time to time but I don't think I have ever seen 3 people leave right as the wave starts just to mess with one person. You can't punish normal people for behavior a few misbehaved players MIGHT try to do. There has to be a better way. What if your internet cuts out? Not your fault yet you still get punished. I think instead of a punishment they could implement some sort of good behavior reward system. Maybe you get cookie points to spend on costumes that can only be bought with cookie points. You get the idea. Punishing people makes them feel bad, and when it is something out of their control they become frustrated and don't want to play. When people don't want to play the game loses money and then we all lose when the servers can't be maintained. When i played a bunch of public games in a row yesterday, this actually did happen alot. I signed up for the public match with one premade teammate, yet the two others were randoms. When we joined the game, every time, one of the two others wanted to build... When their build didn't work, they left and we were alone two people with a build, that didn't really work out, and with the difficulty of 4 people. That's why you shouldn't leave games, and that's why there should be a small punishment for leaving. If there isn't a small punishment, people will do it all the time, cause nothing happens right? But it is annoying when people leave all the time, and therefore, there should be some kind of punishment. And the social score isn't that bad punishment... I don't excacly know how it works, but it doesn't directly punish you like that, it only affects your matchmaking, as it's simply a matchmaking system... So it wouldn't be a bad solution at all having a small punishment like that...
  3. Alright, i guess it's only if you're in a solo game then, cause i've left plenty of solo games, no warnings.
  4. Yeah that, or it's a private game, and we all agree to leave, but no, we have to wait for a timer, because otherwise we'll all be punished... >_> In private games, you will not loose social score by leaving... The summary screen is very temporary, it will be changed and it might change so that if everyone is ready, it will instantly leave the game and enter the tavern.
  5. What if 4 people joins, it sets the difficulty for 4 people, then 3 people leave... Then it'll be pretty damn hard for the one guy, which is why people aren't supposed to leave games.
  6. Guys there's a reason for the two different taverns! The reason for this is the social hub, a features which isn't implemented yet. Instead of the entry tavern, there'll be a social hub where you can meet people and do a bunch of things, and when you wanna go ingame, you sign up for a game, and then you'll get into either a game or the other tavern.
  7. I'm pretty sure that this is a bug? Maybe report it to the tavernkeeper or here at the forums.
  8. jako3578


    I was just about to comment that they aren't gonna add it, and that they told in the dev stream... When i finnished the comment and was just about to hit SUBMIT, i saw the edit... xD
  9. I can't imagine it being supporting the oculus, that would probably be too much work for a very small amount of people that would actually play the game with an oculus.
  10. There would be nothing wrong with pay to look. It'll even be possible to spend real money on looks whenever that's gonna be implemented...
  11. Nice idea, i think there'll be quite some time before they're focusing on gamemodes though.
  12. You will be rewarded for using LESS towers... How are you forced to play with several heroes then? If you play with more heroes, you'll be using more different towers too? If you solo with one hero, you'll probably upgrade more instead, which doesn't use DU... How does it then force you to level several heroes..?
  13. Maybe some kind of system that gives points based on how well you managed to win a map... With less DU, less mana used or less damage taken.. And depending on that, your victory chest will get better/worse chance of having high loot? ;D
  14. The best solution would probably be doing the excact oposite of what league of legends does. League of legends is a PERFECT example of how much you can MESS UP the HOLE comunity... Really, do anything but not what league of legends does, it MUST not end like that! The biggest reason for not playing that game would probably be the comunity...
  15. This is the excact reason of why a kick system wouldn't work... And why alot of other systems don't work either, alot of systems create a comunity with many toxic players and lots of anger.. But no kick option will allow toxic players to abuse the non toxic players by afking or not helping or even ruining your builds. Which is why we have to find a brand new way of dealing with them, so that this won't happen ^^
  16. A hero without towers but special abilities sounds pretty cool... Not sure if i'd rather see 4 awesome defenses instead though... Damn, both would be cool xD
  17. Jako 3578 there is some truth to this. Maybe revise the system so chat also removes talk of reporting. So that people cannot 'gang up' or organize to abuse the system. The current DotA2 report system seems to be working well. I am not a toxic player and although some toxic players report me when I defend myself I never get punished and approx. 80% of the player I report have action taken against them. I do not know what their system as and it obviously been tested but in this case in DotA2 my good behaviour has actually some influenced the validity of my reports and their bad behavior has diminished their report validity. It might work if report talk it removed, but it might still just create more anger, if all you think of is reporting when you have the ability of reporting. Now, of course not everyone would do that, but if there is a report system, and there's a player you don't like... Really, most people would report that player.. I'd rather simply see an ignore and matchmaking system, where you'll automaticly not get ingame with the people that you've ignored.
  18. This is the excact reason of why a kick system wouldn't work... And why alot of other systems don't work either, alot of systems create a comunity with many toxic players and lots of anger..
  19. Yea, this is pure pay to win...! It is a suggestion though, he is suggesting this trading system, so i guess it fits for the suggestion subforum. I was talking about this: Well, he probably just wanted us to discuss what we think of his suggestion..
  20. 3: If you click esc, you can see all the names of all the players.. Still an issue if several people are the same hero though.
  21. The issue of most toxic player controls is that the toxic players actually can abuse them... In this way, some controls might work the oposite way and help the toxic player. This is why the report system for instance wouldn't work as i see it. I play league of legends, and in every single game.. And i'm serious EVERY single game, at least one guy from both teams spam the hole chat saying that some dude has to be reported... The report system can be abused so easily, so as i see it, it wouldn't work... This is also why we have to be careful when adding the toxic player controls... It might really screw up the hole comunity for ever! Seriously, that's what has happened to league of legends... The hole comunity is messed up, and that mustn't happen to DD2, which is why we have to be careful with some player controls.
  22. Guys, it actually might not ever be implemented... Right now, they're trying to figure out what would be the best way of dealing with toxic players, and a vote kick actually doesn't seem like that very best way. It actually kind of helps the bad guys, because if they group up, then they can kick everyone else which would be really annoying. there are lots of other ways of dealing with them though, and one or more solutions will be added at some point, don't know when though.
  23. Yea, this is pure pay to win...! It is a suggestion though, he is suggesting this trading system, so i guess it fits for the suggestion subforum.
  24. There are plans on either adding this or some other kind of trading system, and it's also being discussed a bit right now how the trading system could work. They want to be careful though, as they don't want to make any mistakes with the trading system. A bad trading system can result in messing up lots of things..
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