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  1. There has been 0 updates to the system, it's in its very first state... Only the first small part of the specs have been created so far, and they're aware that some might be usefull or some too OP and also a bunch missing... Also, i'd rather see the current system because that a tree rather seems like regular stat upgrading in different directions for different play styles, while this system promotes combos and has more special specs.
  2. You would have to break up the group when changing level range no matter what... You're going to a new range with new maps, and your group might not have the requirements, so of course you'll have to break up the group no matter what.. One of my main concerns about the level range. Basically it constrains the flow of teamplay. Well, they've already said in a dev stream, that they're working on a more linear progression system, where you unlock maps as you win others, so i guess the level range system may be removed in an upcoming content update, not completely sure though.
  3. You would have to break up the group when changing level range no matter what... You're going to a new range with new maps, and your group might not have the requirements, so of course you'll have to break up the group no matter what.. Also, if what you mean is that it's annoying to leave to the entry tavern before you're able to change level range, this is not the case... You can change level range straight from the end of a map.
  4. Im judging because its my opinion. I dont want a social hub, why games must constanlty insist on pushing social crap at us is beyond me. I just want to get on the game and make a lobby for me and allow my friends to join. Thats it. Not going through some silly entry tavern, or social hub. The thing is, you won't be going through an entry tavern. You might be going through a social hub whenever that's implemented, but that's another thing. Also, just wait for it to be implemented, then you can really experience how it is and then you'll know whether you like it or not.
  5. Exactly... Like line tower wars or a few other gamemodes from WC3 as well... These were awesome ;D
  6. It'll always be difficult to defend yourself against javelins.. Bu that doesn't affect how well the wall works against meele or shorter ranged monsters... So, just because they don't help against javelins, they still help against other monsters, especially if you build tower hp.
  7. The entry tavern still has a purpose, that isn't implemented yet... I understand why you think it's annoying the way it is now, but that's obviously because the real purpose isn't even implemented! Don't forget the social hub.. Don't forget the upcoming matchmaking system.. And don't judge something that isn't even made yet...
  8. You've misunderstood this so badly. You must understand the purpose of the chest only, not how freaking balanced it is. How can you not understand, that it won't have the perfect drop rate for the good loot... You can't expect something that new to be well balanced, it's just like the hole game itself, it's unfinished... So that's the point of the chest, getting the loot, excitement for getting a good chest, cool animations... The purpose is still there even though it's not perfectly balanced, and i do agree that it needs a higher chance of good loot.
  9. Now this does actually FORCE someone to play multiplayer, which the current system not really does... What if a map is really hard...? You go and play multiplayer, and then it's all easy and you can win everything with no difficulty... But then yea, of course the difficulty would just be harder in multiplayer... But then why even have the buffs, if it's just as more difficult as the buffs help you..?
  10. If there was to be a PvP mode added, this would definitely be the very best way of doing it, in my opinion. I actually would prefer it being added, just as PvP and i think that it would be an amazing gamemode... It would create PvP elements, but still keep the PvE elements and the base idea of the game...
  11. They're talking about the mana node chests, not the victory chests... They are suggesting to be able to open the mana nodes by running into them like in DD1/DDE
  12. I think he would like to be able to run maybe twice as fast or even three times as fast for a short duration... Not like 50% faster, which i belive is what the good movement speed boots give..
  13. 1) Add a free camera and then you can take a picture wherever you want to on the map (if there isn't one already). Don't force me to take a photo finish every game, 4 players or not. 2) Slap it on the minimap and trash the video. Personally i don't mind being teleported and spend like what... 3 seconds on watching the video..? I don't mind that really, but i guess it depends if you even care about the victory chest or not.
  14. It could also be a dash system like the one in DDE... But i would actually rather see a sprinting system, i can imagine a pretty cool animation when the heroes sprint/run ;D
  15. If there's a glitch where it doesn't allow you to open the chest, how would changing the way you open the chest remove the glitch? It's simply a bug to fix, and that isn't a reason for changing the system. Personally, i prefer pressing e, but i think that really just depends on what you like, and it's definitely a really small thing, probably to small to actually do something about in my opinion..
  16. This is a bug, which happens every time you build something at the spot where the chests are suposed to spawn. If you don't build something at the spot, the video will work correctly and you'll only get teleported once. Also, it's a glitch so it's most likely to get fixed pretty soon...
  17. The social hub isn't implemented yet, we don't know how it'll be. Lots of stuff is suggested for it, so even though it might be the same "map" as the tavern, it may still be going to look quite different from the tavern as it is now.
  18. Don't confuse the way it is now with the way it'll be. The social hub isn't made yet, we don't know how excacly it's gonna be. Also, think of all the possibilities of a social hub before going into a game. Quite alot of cool stuff is possible.
  19. Yea we could definitely use these dummies, as well as dummies hanging in the roof for skyguards and dummies that trigger traps.
  20. The suggestion was changing the "dirty" picture. Mah boi, you just have a dirty mind. Hey, i'm not saying that i agree! I just explained what he ment
  21. "Temporary half measure"? :D I don't really understand what that is/means
  22. Right now, i'm using my squire for dps and walls only, and my apprentice for the rest of the defenses... My apprentice doesn't like not getting any loot ;_; It could also be changed into giving loot to the active hero, AND the hero(es) that have built defenses.
  23. Well, there are two reasons for this: 1) It looks cool with all 4 players standing next to each others after the match. 2) The victory chest at the end.
  24. 1) There will probably be a "Campaign", and there are the codexes that provide even more lore, so that probably won't be a problem. 2) Why would the level cap have to raise early.. The only thing is has to, is raising before the game comes out. Remember, the game isn't finished, and we can't decide what things they will add first. 3) To the thing about grinding, and also a bit about the campaign (1). They are already looking into changing the hole progression system, which they talked about in the 2nd dev stream. They are thinking about changing it so that you will start with the first map, then when you win, you'll unlock the next one and so on, just like in DD1/DDE. If this is going to be implemented, then i guess there's a campaign similar to the one in DD1, if they just add a bit of lore or maybe cutscenes. In general, many of things things may or may not change, keep in mind that the game isn't finished yet!
  25. Ahhhhhh that makes a lot of sense! If they did that it would be cool, think it would work quite well. But as mentioned by onbrokenwings77, it would also be cool to have one of the taverns displaying your achievements and trophies, like it did in DD1, I really liked that feature. Thanks for replying too :) Yea, there are lots and lots of ideas for the social hub, and i'm pretty sure it will be implemented, it's already on the roadmap. Also, you're welcome ;)
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