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  1. Madwick Madness - This Weekend Only

    @Marnit quote:

    So these pets will forever be unobtainable by new players?


    If people want it, there's probably going to be a complete wipe before the final release anyway... Imagine getting this brand new game, and then there are a bunch of max leveled people. That would be alot worse, and therefore, my guess is that there'll be a wipe anyway.

    In response to Marnit

  2. Foundation: Part 1 Update Released

    @marcoshipman1 quote:

    i have a few questions for whoever was a part of this horrible update and can shed some light on what the hell is going on............first off why is there no more hard mode on 25++, ive beaten all the maps on normal and still no hard mode....? second off, why are incursions easier that what hard maps used to be? i built ramparts incursion with 6 or 7 towers and slept through it only to find out that all the items that drop (including the TWO legendaries i got) are under item power 100......? If you were looking to excite players at endgame, i dont see how making the game easier and ruining the drops will keep anyone playing endgame..... social taverns are an absolute mess unless your game is on mute and you dont have to constantly hear the spam of ppl joining or leaveing.  it seemed to me that incursions were going to be a great challenge for endgame players, but it seems that you took more of the challenge of endgame away? i loved this game, have over 500hours of playtime, but i am not able to say that anymore, it seems its going in the wrong direction, or the developers are catering to the wrong players.

     I could only clear one wave on the incursions...

    I think there's probably a huuuuge problem with difficulty, and it all goes down to one single thing:


    The loot is simply waaaayyyy too different... In the previous update, while my 25 apprentice's towers dealt probably about 600 dmg in tier one, others might deal about 1500 in tier one. That different is just way too huge, and with that much difference in loot, it's impossible to make a balanced difficulty without like 4 different difficulties...

    For some the incursions seems way too easy, it seemed impossible for me... Why? Loot differences.

    In response to marcoshipman1

  3. Update 1.2 Released

    [[69010,users]] quote:

    While you're correcting words, I would suggest to rename "defense power" to "tower power" or something, because Defense usually stands for damage taken, as opposed to damage dished, and "defense power" just sounds like resistance.

    I like the way you're going with all this Trendy.  However, don't fall in the same trap as Diablo 3. If I understand this correctly, the lightning aura damage is cut by half. You effectively took the build that almost all your players used, and destroyed it. What do you think will happen to those players that spent 50h gearing for a specific build? They'll just change items and call it quits? Some might, but some will just feel like gearing for "flavor of the month" and they will simply lose interest in your game. Nerfing is never the correct solution. You say that a certain pattern did more damage than intended? Then power up the rest of the entire game. Let those that enjoy that powered aspect of your game keep doing it, and allow new players the choice to use other aspects of your game.

    Take a look at the Diablo 3 forums. It's filled with toxicity, because every single class has been nerfed time and time again, instead of balancing things adequately. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a class being overplayed, you just have to make sure the rest of the skills/classes(not aura) are as fun, not that the fun class(aura) is as boring as the rest. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/3354739/

    A few examples of balances that may tip the scale of preference for something else than lightning aura:

    -Allow a combo between frozen monsters and 'physical damage' like cannon ball.

    -Increasing range of all 'straight line' towers like cannons.

    -Increasing resistance/health of all towers.

    -Increasing wave length or adding more waves (that will force people to repair their auras mid-wave or have them destroyed or switch to a more permanent option.

    Note: I didn't actually play yet, I was just told by a friend that the aura does half damage now. If we misinterpreted the patch notes, apologies.

     It can't be called tower power, because the defenses aren't only towers... What about the traps.. And the auras..? And the walls...? Actually, the majority of the defenses aren't towers, so that wouldn't work.

    In response to Belgarionriva

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